Better than New: 1976 Yamaha XS650

Feb. 14, 2009 By Pattie Waters

The Yamaha XS650 was a familiar site on flat tracks in the 1970's, with a reputation for being robust and durable. That's what Rollis Karoll, Vice President of Sales for Spectro Oils of America tells us, as the owner of this sweet little project '76 XS650.

Starting with a $500 bike found rusting in someone's garage since 1981, Karoll got the full fiberglass conversion kit from Robert Ward at Omar's Dirt Track Racing, Inc., and away he went from there.

Totally street legal, the next stop for Rollis and the XS will be Daytona Bike Week, for some showing and shining and schmoozing.

Carrying it thru cool and slippery is the full line of Spectro fluids, including 4-stroke 20/50, suspension and brake fluid, and fuel conditioner.


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