Video - X Games Los Angeles 2012: Moto X Freestyle

Jun. 30, 2012 By Josh Burns
Robbie Renner shattered the Step Up record with a leap of 47 feet.

Even with the recent announcement that X Games will be expanding globally, the biggest action sports event hasn't ignored its roots,. For 2012, the massive four-day event again descended upon Southern Califonia to Downtown Los Angeles for another edition of Summer X Games. 

Skateboarders were tackling the massive super jump outside and rally car racers were getting in a few practice runs on the new course, the inside of Staples Center was filled with massive dirt jumps for freestyle dirt bikers to go nuts in competitions for Step Up, Best Trick and Best Whip.

It's a long way down ...

The Step Up competitors did exactly that, stepping up the new record this year by a whopping 10 feet to top out at 47 feet. Ronnie Renner edged out last year’s winner Matt Buyten, who had previously set the record at 37 feet. 

Matt Buyten and Robbie Renner were taking a beating on the landings during their back-and-forth battle in Step Up. Buyten tapped the bar both times on his attemps at 47 feet and had to settle for second.

"With out these opportunities we won't have these moments," Renner said. "It if wasn't for X Games the platform of our sport wouldn't be where it's at today. God I love Step Up because there are no judges."

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Jackson Strong came correct and backed up his X Games gold in 2011 in Best Trick with a gold in '12.

In Best Trick, Australian Jackson Strong defended his gold medal from last year with a  body varial seat grab her referred to as a “Jacko.”

“This trick was only the second time I’ve ever landed it, but I’m bummed to win like that over Loza,” Jackson said, referring to Kyle Loza not being able to complete his final attempt due to injury. “But I’m stoked to have back-to-back X Games gold.”

Tako Higashino finished second in Best Trick to earn the silver medal.

Finishing in second place was last night’s gold-medal winner in Moto X Freestyle Tako Higashino. Taking third place was Cameron Sinclair, who earned his third medal in the competition with the trick that nearly killed him three years ago – the double backflip.

Kyle Loza was unable to make his second attempt after this first spill during Best Trick.

“I’m so stoked to get a bronze medal and now I have all three – gold, silver and bronze – from 2010, 2011 and now 2012,” said Sinclair. “I’m stoked to have all three colors.”

In Best Whip, the fan favorite Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg was voted winner for the gold medal over Jarryd McNeil and Todd Potter, respectively.

Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg earned the vote of the people in Best Whip.

"I'm not going to lie, it feels pretty awesome. I'm pumped to come back and get my second gold medal and win this,” Stenberg said. “It's something I've been wanting to do for a long time.” Newsletter
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