X Games 17: Moto X Freestyle

Jul. 29, 2011 By Josh Burns
Nate Adams took home X Games gold in Freestyle.

X Games 17 continued today in downtown Los Angeles with the Moto X Freestyle competition being the sole motorized event for today. The dirt course on the floor of the Staples Center was slightly rearranged to offer more lines and jump angles for the freestyle competitors.

The Freestyle event featured eight riders in two separate heats. In heat 1A was Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, Taka Higashino, Josh Sheenan and Dany Torres. Heat 1B featured Todd Potter, Adam Jones, Andre Villa and Nate Adams. Each rider would get three 60-second runs during round one, with the top two scores counting toward their point total. The two riders in each heat with the highest scores would move on to the finals.

Taka Nigashino looked great in round one but just didn't have as much intensity in the finals.

Getting through round one and into the final were riders Adams Jones, Nate Adams, Dany Torres and Taka Higashino. The final followed a similar format – three 60-second runs, with the top two scoring runs combining to make the final score.

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Dany Torres was described as the "Travis Pastrana of Spain." This cordova flip sure was nuts.

Each of the competitors put together solid runs in the finals. Higashino of Osaka, Japan, who looked to be in serious contention for gold in round one just didn’t have the same pop in the finals. He finished in fourth place with a score of 78 points. Dany Torres of Arahal, Spain, performed some spectacular moves through the event, but his combined score of 83 was not enough to edge to edge out Jones’ 86. Torres took home bronze and Jones the silver.

Adam Jones took home the silver with moves like this.

In the end, Adams walked away with X Games gold in freestyle, his 11th gold medal in X Games competition and his first since 2004. 

Nate Adams has faith in his grip.

"Freestyle and Speed & Style are my favorite events for the weekend,” Adams said after his win. “Now that freestyle is over I'm really excited for Speed & Style.”

Jones was happy with his silver medal finish, saying that this type of course suits his riding style.

"I liked the smaller arena a lot better,” Jones said. “A course like this is what I am comfortable riding on. I was so excited to come this far in this contest and I wasn't going to give up. You can't buy this feeling, you have to earn it and we got it today."

Torres flies over the Staples Center crowd.

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