Tech Inspection - ProRock 2005 Series Finals

Couger Buttes, CA

Sep. 09, 2005 By Chris Geiger

Series Finals!

This weekend ProROCK rolls out it's fourth and final event of the four event series in Cougar Buttes California. Driver flowed in today for tech inspection at Rancho Motor Co in Victorville. The drivers are showing up ready to hammer down on the rocks.

Dean "Ice Man" Bulloch (above) and spotter "Krazy" Karl Mumford have been on fire this year. The "On Track" crawler team has finished in first place in the Super Stock Class in each of the last three events of the ProROCK series.

Cody Waggoner (above) of Team Waggoneer currently sits on top of the Trophy class with two first place finishes and one second place finish. Cody won the events this year at Cedar City and Farmington. The second place finish was his first event of the year right here at Cougar Buttes CA.
RawX Racing's Jody Everding and Jack Graef arrived at tech ready to rock! With a solid grasp the Modified Stock series win with two first place and a second place finish this year.
New for this event, the Formula Toys are running this weekend under ProROCK as it's own class. This will make a total of 4 classes this weekend. This marks the first time that the Formula Toy's have run with ProROCK. This new class is a hybrid between a trail rig and competition truck. Many competitive rock crawling teams find they don't have time to build and maintain a separate rig for recreational trail use. With the advent of competition, trail rigs have been morphing into striped down, single purpose tools. Removing space for passengers, tools, camping gear makes many of the current competition rigs difficult to use for trail riding. The Formula Toy concept is to combine a standardized chassis with relatively low cost running gear to make a rig that costs $5K- $10K and can be used on both the trail and in competition. This is a spec class so each rig is built using a standardized set of parts. Another thing that is different about this class is it's lower entrance fee. With most competitions, drivers pay a fee of $500 or more. This money is put into a pool and the top drivers split the winnings. In the Formula Toy class drivers pay a much lower fee to enter ($50-$75) but don't split any winnings. A number of vendors that sponsor the series pay out cash and prizes to the top three teams.
At this time the Formula Toyota class only runs in or near California. All of the national rock crawling series run at different sites around the US. To keep costs down the Formula Toy's run as a class when a pro series come to California. While this is the first time Formula Toy has run with ProROCK, there have been two other competitions held this year for the group. Over 40 Formula Toy chassis have been built to date and 10 of the rigs have been active in competition this year. Currently the series leader is Todd Steele with Spotter Dave Cole.  


Chris Butler's X chassis rig will be on hand for recovery this weekend.


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