SCORE Laughlin, Day 2 [Video]

Jan. 16, 2012 By Josh Burns
Rob MacCachren earned the victory today at Laughlin, rebounding from his ninth-place finish on Saturday.

The SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge wrapped up its second race of the weekend today. After BJ Baldwin led from wire to wire in the Trophy Truck class after qualifying first, his toughest competition came from Rob MacCachren yesterday before he popped the tire off the bead in a sharp turn, forcing him to pull over and fix it which pushed him back in the pack but still salvaged with a ninth-place finish.

Today, the Trophy Trucks came off the line in the order they finished yesterday, and MacCachren worked his ways through the pack, getting by two racers in the first lap alone en route to a win in the class on the second race of the weekend in Laughlin.

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“Yesterday was teeing up to be a great battle with B.J. (Baldwin) and I don't know what happened,” MacCachren said I just probably threw it into a berm too hard and debeaded the tire. Today we made a little adjustment to that to make sure it didn't happen so we came away with some success.”

Juan Carlos Lopez leaves Laughlin with two second-place finishes in Trophy Truck. He had a solid weekend.

Although Baldwin came out strong like he finished the day before, mechanical issues forced him off the course (it sounded like engine trouble, but we were not able to confirm). Baldwin was able to get running again although the truck was sluggish, and BJ pulled off shortly thereafter when word came that his father Bobby was forced to pull off with vision problems and light-headedness. BJ accompanied his father to the hospital, though Bobby was in stable condition. We’ll update his progress as we learn it.

Harley Letner may have had a backup engine in his car, but he drove a great race to finish second in Class 1 on Sunday.

Juan Carlos Lopez has a great weekend in Laughlin, taking another second-place finish today to back up the same result from Saturday.

“It was very hard out there; lots of whoopty-doops,” he said at the finish. “It was a lot of fun. The truck ran great and we had no problem.”

Michael LaPaglia ran in Class 1 yesterday to give it a go, but today he moved back into the Class 10 ranks. “We ran in Class 1 yesterday because we wanted to try something different,” he said. “Obviously we are a huge disadvantage having only 120 horsepower but we just wanted to have some fun. We were able to race Class 10 today to keep our name up there and make sure we are the baddest Class 10 car in the world still.”

Following up his fourth-place finish yesterday, Steve Strobel improved on Sunday with third in Trophy Truck.

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“The course changed as the race went on and we lost some right at the end and I'm not sure what it was,” Strobel said. “The motor started to go a little bit soft and something in the suspension too, but I'm not sure what. It was chewed up out there today but we came home with a finish and going to San Felipe.”

Brendan Gaughan battled the field to earn a fourth-place finish at Sunday’s race for the SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge.

Finishing in fourth place in the Trophy Truck class was Brendan Gaughan, while Josh Daniel earned fifth place (though Cameron Steele is the driver of record, though he raced in another truck and finished 7th in class). 
Brian Parkhouse, father of Class 1 winner Cody, said the race went well. “We had no problems; it was just rough and I couldn't keep up with the young kids.” His fourth-place finish would argue he did stay pretty damn close.

In Class 1, Cody Parkhouse was able to improve upon his second-place finish yesterday to earn the win today. Although he was tenth off the line, he was able to battle through the traffic to earn the win on corrected time.

“It is a brutal, brutal track today,” he said. “Everything is more squared off and twice as big – which sits this car well, but it beats you up.”

Cody Parkhouse was first across the finish line yesterday but second on corrected time. Today, he earned first place on corrected time and sealed up a great weekend for the Parkhouse family (father Brian finished fourth in class today).

Finishing second in class was Harley Letner, who was using a backup motor in his car. With Class 1 running at the end of each day, and this being the final day, the course was extra rough by the time the Class 1s hit the course, but Letner credited his crew for getting the car in order.

“It was a flawless run but I had to put a backup motor in after Friday, so it's a little low on power but what it lacks in power, I make up on suspension,” Letner said. “Our crew sets it up so great and it just works great. It was rough out there. Yesterday was a freeway compared to today; today was insane.”

Finishing in third place was Damen Jefferies, while Cody Parkhouse’s father Brian finished in fourth. Rounding out the top five in Class 1 was Jaime Huerta.

Chuck Sacks (1003) takes the corner wide while Michael LaPaglia (117) cuts the inside line a little too close.

In Class 10, Michael LaPaglia earned the victory, holding off Peter Hajas and Chuck Sacks in second and third, respectively. In SCORE Lites (Class 12), Otoneil Huerta took home the win, while Brian Burgess finished second (Brent Parkhouse is the driver of record) and Vic Bruckman third (Rafael Navarro IV is the driver of record).

Peter Hajas drove to second place in Class 10 on Sunday.

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