Saturday Coverage ProRock 2005 Series Finals

Couger Buttes, CA

Sep. 10, 2005 By Chris Geiger


Unofficial Day One Scores

Driver Score Place
Cody Waggoner 214 1st
Jason Bunch 180 2nd
Bob Standage 96 3rd
Super Stock
Dean Bulloch 288 1st
Mike Bailey 154 3rd
Modified Stock
Mike Bailey 280 1st
Dan Patterson 276 2nd
Jody Everding 270 3rd
Buzz Bronsema 219 4th
Matt Lutterman 154 5th
Eric Hackney 142 6th
Renee LeBaron 124 7th
Kathey Crook 72 8th
Formula Toy Class Todd Steele 205 1st
Brandon Naves 169 2nd
Mike Wright 149 3rd
Hobie Smith 154 4th


Another great day for Cody Waggoner and his spotter Mike Berard. Nearly perfect driving on three courses put the Waggoner team on top of the Trophy class today.
Bob Standage and spotter Lance Clifford we sucked into the Venus fly trap type obstacle on the Trophy side of the event . Coming down from the top, the team fond them selves trapped as the rocks seemed to close in on them. This section looked passable but most of the drivers fought this section with the rock winning. It took over 30 minutes to extract the rig from the rocks grasp.

The Modified stock class experienced two steering failures today. The first was Renee LeBaron's sheared sector shaft. I don't know what they have been feeding Renee but I think I would cut down on the steroids a bit. Sheesh! Thanks to Buzz from Above All Off Road in Cedar City for pulling out his spare steering box to get Renee back up and running.
Kathey Crook was the other Modified stock rig to suffer steering failure today. Her AGR steering pump took a dump on the first course. Working on it all day they were unable to get it running. Roomer has it that tomorrow they will install a stock box and run the courses without power steering.

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