Robby Gordon Announces Stadium Super Trucks Series - Video

May. 30, 2012 By Josh Burns
Robby Gordon looks to revive off-road racing in large venues with Stadium Super Trucks.

Much like Mickey Thompson did decades ago, Robby Gordon hopes to bring off-road racing to the masses by starting a new series he will call Stadium Super Trucks. And much like Thompson, Gordon will kick off the first event of the series in 2013 in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

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Gordon chose to make the announcement at the Coliseum last night, gathering the off-road press and industry together to show them his vision and explain the idea behind the series. He plans to host an evening of racing at each event (about 3.5 hours of show time), that will be proceeded during the day by a fan meet and greet of sorts similar to NASCAR, allowing fans to interact with teams and their crews prior to racing.

Monster trucks will be part of the program, and amateurs will race in the UTV class that will part of the racing evening.

Also making headlines is the inclusion of monster trucks, as both a monster truck competition and amateur UTV race will be part of the program. Bigfoot creator Bob Chandler was even in attendance, noting he has seven other vehicles similar to Bigfoot ready to compete in an elimination-style event.

Robby Gordon made the announcement for the new series at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

For the main truck class, Gordon plans to feature spec trucks each with the same engine and chassis – drivers will even draw for truck numbers at each race so they will not race the same truck each time. Currie Enterprises helped build the first Super Truck Gordon demonstrated at the event, and the idea is to create interchangeable trucks that are similar but can accommodate small fine-tuning adjustments for each race team. For instance, Gordon explained that springs could be changed out, suspension tuned, the choice of tire manufacturer given to drivers (and then tire pressure decided upon by teams), but overall each truck would be fundamentally the same. Only two mechanics will be allotted to each team as well, so as Gordon noted drivers must choose wisely.

One of the biggest selling points of the series is payout. Gordon promises a big payday for racers in the truck class, as the winner will receive $40,000 for first place. Second place will still get a whopping $15,000, while third place will earn $5,000. The real kicker is the payday for whoever wins the season championship, as Gordon had the payout on display in a guarded armor truck under the Coliseum arches.

“Inside that Brinks truck, half a million bones to the 2013 champion,” Gordon said. “That’s never happened in off-road before.”

$500,000 goes to the 2013 season winner.

Homage was paid to the legends and originators of the sport at the announcement of Stadium Super Trucks, as Gordon, a champion of the original Mickey Thompson series that started it all, simply looks to bring back that same form of racing that Thompson made famous. Thompson’s sister, Collene Campbell, was also in attendance as was Mickey’s son Danny Thompson. Thompson, whom Gordon described as a legend and not an “old timer,” went on to say in rebuttal to Gordon, “I’m gonna kick everyone’s ass!”

Gordon extended an invite to the legends of the sport, such as Danny Thompson,
Ivan Stewart (who’s truck was on display at the announcement), Walker Evans and others, including Glenn Harris who plans to compete with the new crop of drivers. Also in attendance and planning to race the series is supercross and off-road legend Rick Johnson, as well as other young racers such as NASCAR truck racer Justin Lofton and off-road racer Casey Currie, and rally champion Samuel Hubinette. The series has the backing of Traxxas radio-controlled cars as well, as owner Mike Jenkins has thrown his support behind the event and was in attendance as well.

A lot of big-name racers have already committed to racing in Stadium Super Trucks.

There’s much to be excited about but still much to be decided, as the series is still a year away and things such as a full schedule, series sponsors and other venues still needs to be fleshed out. Gordon did note that two races are scheduled for the Coliseum in 2013, and more announcements are soon to follow. The UTV class, which for now features Polaris RZRs, may also see some changes in the next few months. Gordon promised more details to come shortly.

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