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Off-Road Nation Baja 1000 Chase Team Report

Nov. 11, 2006 By

Team: McCreary Racing has joined with Christy's Racing to form a team of 4 riders on 54a. 

Team Riders:
Craig Christy (driver of record)
Steve Malley
Jessica McCreary
Tim McCreary

ATV: Honda TRX450r that has been fully race prepped by Duncan Racing. 

The team has been training together for a podium finish in the Baja 1000 in the sportsmen quad class for the past 2 months.

Sponsors: Duncan Racing International, NiteRider Lights, Damzl, San Diego Sports Cycle, Christy?s Editorial, Instinct Charters, Schellinger Homes, Catalyst Post Services


Baja Chase Reports to be posted live as they come in.
Note: Make sure to refresh your browser  to see updates.

11/14/06 12:20am Central- McCreary Racing 54a will be giving us updates from time to time via the Sat phones. Good luck to them as they go for the finish.


update 2:56PM - This in via email update from the 54a McCreary/Christy racing team.
"Team 54A reported in by phone at 2:20 pm and requested this news be
passed on for updates on the web site.
Team 54A passed checkpoint 4 a half hour ahead of schedule. Steve is
currently on the quad, which is running fine and everything A-OK. Team
member Tim McCreary is on his way to the next checkpoint to take over
this evening.

Reported by Gayle Kidder in San Diego"

Marc Choquette
update 4:52PM- Back online, had to take a break, update from the Christy/McCreary team as follows;
"Another update from team 54A:

Bike has broken down at mile 309 and is currently being worked on in
pit. Hope to get going again soon."

Marc Choquette
update 10:25PM - This reported via sat phone just now. The Craig Christy/Jessica McCreary quad entry 54a is back up and running. They had some problems with the rear axle and it has been repaired. Last reported they were stopped earlier this afternoon. She reported that they were close to Vizcaino and she would be getting on the bike at San Ignacio. Great to hear they are back on the road with the Honda TRX 450r.
Marc Choquette
Update 12:28- This from the ORC staff at the finish line, 

The good news - from cell phone report Jessica McCreary (please check
spelling - I know they have been calling reports in)

Jesse got off bike at Loreto at 6 am, Craig got on.
Steve is on now (10:30 am)
15 minutes, they'll change to Tim
Final rider will take it from Tim to the finish.
Marc Choquette
Update 12:32- Relayed to me via email from Dean Waters at the finish line, The team is on its final leg now.
another update for 54a.  2nd to last rider just go on at mile
Marc Choquette

3:23 PM - - Craig Christy just reported in. They passed checkpoint 9 at 1:20 and should be at finish line shortly.
4:00 PM - #54a was reported at check 10 and on their way to the finish.

4:32PM - 54a is at the finish line for 3rd in Sportsman ATV on their Duncan Racing TRX450R. Elapsed time was 32:57:20.


New this year, teams were invited to join the "Off Road Nation Chase Team". Top on this list was #54a Sportsman ATV team of Craig Christy, Steve Malley and Jessica McCreary, who called several times throughout the race and let us all share their adventure mile by mile. They also get the prize for biggest celebration at the finish with cheers, tears and champaign. Congrats, and thanks for bringing us along.

9:23 PM Bilstein Race Update - Awesome job guys. Thanks for taking the time to give us the updates. Its a great feeling to finish this race.
Marc Choquette 

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