W.E. Rock Western National in Tucson, Arizona

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The 2009 W.E. Rock season is now underway, with the first Western event being held in Tucson, Arizona.  The event was held at Pima Motorsports Park on a set of brand new man-made courses.  W.E. Rock personnel, the park owners, and a small army of volunteers strenuously worked to get the courses built and ready for the weekend’s competition. The courses were laid out in a pit-like area where fans had the opportunity to view from the perimeter with a bird’s eye-like view.  Maybe not what die-hard fans are used to when attending a W.E. Rock event, but due to county regulations fans were not allowed access to “trackside” seating like at other venues.

Pro-Mod Supremacy
The Pro-Mod Class is officially the largest of the W.E. Rock Western classes.  Joining this year’s list of competitors vying for the Western Championship title is Shannon Campbell and Tracy Jordan. Last year, Campbell competed in only three of the four events and was ineligible for the title. Jordan, who competed in the first two Pro Mod events, missed the rest of the year to take some time away from the sport. To a competitor like Campbell, who wants to win against the very best, news of Brad and Roger Lovell missing one, maybe two of this year’s events is not the kind of news he wants to hear. The Lovell brothers will not be defending their crown and chance of a “three-peat” due to schedule conflicts with the XRRA.

Just Another Day at the Office
The Lovell brothers continue to dominate the Pro Mod class in their Amsoil/Torchmate sponsored Ford Ranger. Having joined forces with Torchmate Racing earlier this year, they continue to prove they really are that good and an asset to any sponsor or team. 

“I told Brad I wanted us to come in first and second,” said team owner Bill Kunz.  “I guess he lived up to his end of the bargain.”

Winning really isn’t as easy as the brothers seem to make it look, though.

“We thought we were out of the top three going into the shootout,” Brad Lovell said.  “I didn’t think there was any way we could move into first.” 

Running the shootout course without the pressure of maintaining the lead may have been the deciding factor for the victorious brothers.  Their run was equal to that of the Unlimited Shootout’s top score of -46.

Back in the Winner’s Circle
Last year, the Unlimited class saw only one name in the winner’s circle in the Western Nationals Series. Event after event, Jesse Haines came out on top. Teams tried to figure out how to dethrone the formidable opponent but it was to no avail. This year, Cody Waggoner was able to do what no one could do the previous year. After taking the lead on day one, the father-and- son team never looked back, putting together two days worth of solid runs and an astonishing Shootout run to end their weekend to secure their first victory in years. “Finally,” said Cody Waggoner with a look of accomplishment on his face.

Up Next
Cedar City is next on W.E. Rock’s schedule and will be the only natural course until the Grand Nationals, which will be held in a crowd-and-driver favorite site of Farmington, New Mexico.  The Oroville, California, and Reno, Nevada, events will both be held on freshly built man-made courses.

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