Top 10 Items for Your Next Trail Ride

Oct. 09, 2013 By Seth Fargher

10 Must-Have Trail Items

Toilet Paper
It doesnít classify as a tool and it certainly wonít get you out of a mechanical jam, but thereís nothing worse than having to go and having nothing around but cacti or pine cones. Sure people can be pretty resourceful and find something, but I recommend going prepared and throwing a little TP in a Ziploc bag. Chances are you, or someone youíre riding with, will be very glad you did.

Zip Ties
I feel that Zip ties are like the ATV riders duct tape. There is no limit to the number of uses for these little magical plastic connectors, and I recommend having a variety of sizes on hand with you any time youíre out on the trail.

Tire Plug Kit
I have to admit the first time I used one of these things I was incredibly skeptical. I know Iím hard on tires and if I managed to puncture one, how is a little tiny plug going to keep that tire from going flat again? Surprisingly, those little plugs work incredibly well. A good kit includes a reamer to rough up the puncture spot, some glue and an assortment of plugs.

Co2 Tire Inflator
Repairing a tire while out on the trail isnít the ideal situation, but if youíre on an overnight excursion or perhaps tearing down the Baja peninsula, having the ability to repair and re-inflate a tire is good insurance against getting stranded.  You can always try and ride out on the flat tire, but nine out of ten times youíll destroy the tire and youíll have a particularly difficult time if youíre in hilly terrain. A friend and I were once caught unprepared and we had to ride/push his ATV about four miles before coming to a road that we could take back to our pickup.

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