Step-by-Step ATV Steering Stem Replacement

Sep. 06, 2013 By Rick Sosebee

ATV Steering Stem Replacement Continued

Once the tie rods are removed from the stem you will need to access the bottom of the steering stem. This is a big reason why we jacked the machine up off the ground. The large nut on the bottom of the stem should have a cotter pin in it as well, and you will use the same process as the tie rod ends to remove the pin.          

Once the pin is out remove the largeÖ nut and washer from the bottom of the stem.
With all of the bolts out, nuts off and a little effort and maneuvering the steering stem should come right out of the top of the machine.       
It can be a little tricky pulling out the stem, but be patient and watch out for any wiring or other items that could get in the way as you gently pull it out.

Now you will transfer the bottom clamp from this old bent stem to the new stem and reverse each one of these steps for reinstallation. This is not a very difficult process but it may require moderate skill, and if you have a factory service manual handy do yourself a favor and make sure itís close by for any confusion. Be sure to add a little grease to the steering stem bushing up top right under that plastic nose piece you took off.

Be sure to ad a little blue Loctite to the stem bolts that secure the stem to the frame up top.

If I have any cautions it may revolve around the stem bushing/bearing at the bottom of the stem. These bearings can go bad or be affected by nasty crashes, so be sure this part is good before slipping a new stem in place. Newsletter
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