ATV Answer Man is Back

Nov. 13, 2008 By
We thought our ATV AnswerMan could take a break for the holidays, but it's not working out that way. Your questions keep rushing in! So he'll be back later this month, with more answers to YOUR questions. Such as:
  • I have a 09 t-cat broke the front left ball joint wiht only 1300kms they better make something a little stronger i love the power but i dont wana spend anymore time in the hospital and the rear ends i think thier gona have issues with that i already have a new one in
  • hello, i have a 01 banshee and it has been runnin weird so we cleaned the carb the left side if your sittn on the bike we cleaned it with carb cleaner and put it back together took it down the road and came back and it died blew air out the exhaust and know it wont start i took the plugs out i have spark so i put another set of used plugs and kicked it over and all it does is blows air out the the left side of the exhaust and wont start. PLEASE HELP... thanks Kerry
  • i have A 1993 suzuki 250 Quad runner, the other day while pining cattle a cow jumped over the front of it it bent my main steering sector and my right handlebar, but it still runs and drives better than my 2002 honda should i fix it or just leave it the same, how much will it cost, (or can i just streighten it with a torch, if i do i will have to take it off because it is about 3 inches from my gas tank) Also it has began to loose power wat can i do to help it.
  • I have a 2005 A/C 650V2 that while riding I lost all power. All fuses, cdi, battery are good. I am unable to readily check the ignition switch is it is a sealed unit but does feel good when turning. The unit is low miles and has been taken care of. I'm really ticked that I am having such a problem. Any ideas on what I should try or look at?
  • hi, all, i have a kids generic atv, make unknown. was running but has stopped. it tries to run while the starter button is pressed, but stops instantly as you release. there is no ignition, only the stop button. but there is a sealed connection box with four wires going into it, but iot has and ariel cable running from the box?..... if any body has a clue that would be great. thanks. a struggling dad. :) its the only thing that keeps my kids happy.
  • Can anyone tell me where the oil filter is located on a 1987 Honda 250 Fourtrax?
  • I cannot find the location of the spark plug on a 1999 Suzuki 500 Quadrunner. Is it under a cover / in an odd location?

And those are just from last week! I especially like the question re: cow-related damage... Get yours in now by submitting a Reader Comment at the bottom of this article, or by sending directly to Newsletter
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