Pingry Aluminum Oil Tank for LTZ400 - Project QuadSport Z400 ATV

Apr. 01, 2005 By Dean Waters
Too much heat can be your enemy. We are using Project LTZ450 to compete in the Best in the Desert series where it is not uncomon to find tempatures above 100 degrees. Add to that the fact that they are all long distance races and you can understand whey we needed to make sure our LTZ450 would stay cool. That siad not only does and aluminum oil tank perform a function but the aluminum oil tank also looks COOL. We previously installed a Pingry air box on our Project Z400 and love the QUALITY of the Pingry products. The Pingry oil tank raises the capacity from around 2.2 qts to 2.8 qts. It is designed with vent tubes that run all the way through the oil tank. Most headers will have no problem with clearance. The tank is contructed of 6061 aluminum and is carefully heliarc welded.
Side view of the new Pingry Aluminum oil tank.
Front view showing the cooling tubes which run all the way through the tank to provide extra cooling. Nice.
The rubber mounting washers are moved from your stock tank to the Pingry tank. Your stock dip stick tube will fit right in. We had to make a slight adjustment in the bend of the upper oil line for a nice clean fit. Be carefull not to overbend and kink the oil line.


New Pingry Oil tank on left and the stocker on the right.

The Pingry / Twin Air 400EX combination gave us a much cleaner and larger intake for more flow through our new Edelbrock carb and Turdors Z450. After just completeing the Vegas to Reno race, nearly 500 off-road miles, we can report only one minor problem. During one of the air filter changes we evidently did not get the cage / t-bolt tightened all the way. This caused the filter and cage to vibrate loose during the next section of race course. We noticed this when the ATV started running poorly due to the change in air flow. After re-installing we had no more problems with this the rest of the race. The Pingy Pro Design Racing airbox looks perfect and we see no sign of cracking or any other possible failure. The new intake tube stayed in place perfectly. We are very happy with the upgrade to our Project LTZ-450.

Suggestions, comments, products you would like to see tested and installed on Project Quadsport Z400? Please let us know via Email.

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