Jeff Stambaugh Locks Up Class 3 UTV 2009 WORCS Championship

Aug. 03, 2009 By Press Release
As the summer break comes to a close and racing resumes for the last half of the season, Jeff Stambaugh is preparing for WORCS Round 6 on August 15th, 2009, at Straddleline ORV park in Olympia, Washington. He’s had a busy but good season so far. Here is the recap:

Round 1 Phoenix AZ  1st in class 5th overall 10 UTV entries
Round 2 Adelanto CA 1st in class 5th overall 11 UTV entries
Round 3 Lake Havasu AZ 1st in class 7th Overall 22 UTV entries
Round 4 Milford CA 1st in class 3rd Overall 7 UTV entries
Round 5 Toutle WA 2nd in class 5th Overall 8 UTV entries

Stambaugh was ready to go for Round 4 at Milford when it rolled around, but he was dreading the heat. Last year temperatures climbed through the 90s making sweeping and racing really strenuous. This year it wasn’t quite as bad. Milford saw a slight shortage of UTVs so all three classes lined up together. Looking at the long uphill start, Stambaugh knew he was out powered on the line, but he managed a mid-pack start against the bigger motors.  What he lacked in horsepower he made up in driving skill. Stambaugh picked off the competition one UTV at a time and easily claimed a first place finish in his class for the fourth time in a row!

Round 5 at Riverdale Raceways was a mere two hours from Stambaugh’s home, and he was looking forward to the first of two short drives from home. Riverdale Raceways is a beautiful venue next to the Toutle River near Mt. St. Helens. The track incorporated a quarter-mile paved drag-strip, tight trees, and a new motocross track. It had been cool and a bit wet, but the water really helped to keep the dust from the volcanic ash down. Stambaugh pulled the holeshot, crossed a section of deep whoops over a few tables and off into tight trees. These trees proved more troublesome than they had in the past: Jeff clipped a tree and had to run back to the pits to make a repair. It looked like a lost cause as spectators waited for him to come through the scoring chute. However, Stambaugh really knows what he’s doing! He fixed the broken tie-rod with super speed and came back on fire! He earned himself a second-place finish sealing the deal: Jeff locked in his Class 3 UTV 2009 WORCS Championship!

“The highlight of my year was definitely Havasu," Stambaugh said. "The track was really rough and winding, there were more than twice as many competitors on a short track, and it was hot out. It was challenging, but I love racing in those conditions. I had a great time and finished well both in my class and overall, so that obviously puts a smile on my face. I hope that the next rounds can go just as well!”

Stambaugh has kept busy during the summer helping with WORCS Pro Tim Shelman’s TPQ3 race series. Saturday at round 2 Stambaugh gave a UTV demo through the Enduro section of the track. At the last round, Stambaugh will most likely give another demo through the enduro section and possibly the motocross track.

Even though Stambaugh has won his class championship, he plans to finish the WORCS season and is currently prepping for the next WORCS round in August. There is no lack of determination here! Stambaugh loves to race and is already looking forward to next season!  Stambaugh would like to thank his 2009 sponsors for helping once again put him on top of the podium race after race and for the season end. Without their support Jeff would be sidelined! Thank you: Blitz Vision, HiPer Wheels, Maxxis Tire, Elka Suspension, Pro Armor, SixSixOne, S & S Motorsports, Weller Racing, Kelley Blocks, Patriot Racing, PDM-AZ, TM$, MCR, TPQ, and Megan. Newsletter
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