Project Can-Am 650 Outlander Max

This ATV will be a Work Horse

Feb. 07, 2007 By Ricky Sosebee

Project CanAm Outlander 650 Max XT

After reviewing our choices for a new project our goals changed from the normal race horse style ATV to a more Workable and Hunter friendly Utility. The only choice was to give our focus to an ATV that could be used on the farm and when hunting season came around it would be just a usable.

 The CanAm Outlander 650 Max XT was our pick. With the power of the 650 Rotax engine and the ability to ride our friends or even the wife safely, it was settled. The 650 has just the right power. We tried the 800 and it was way too much for the easy trail rider and the 500 really needed a little more for the passenger. We decided the 800 could stay in the race trailer with Mike Penland and all the factory CanAm racers. Don't get me wrong though, the Outlander 650 still has the arm stretching power of a V-Twin fuel injected motor and if you get in it hard enough it can satisfy those temporary adrenaline rush's.

  The Max package comes with a second seat lifted ever so slightly above the driver stadium style to the rear. This second seat is positioned just in front of the rear wheels for super stable handling and rider comfort. There are two grab bars for the extra rider to hold on to and raised foot pegs to give the passenger more confidence when the driver gets a little wild. Then lets say we wanted to go it alone, just pull a lever on the right side of the passenger seat and it lifts right off the ATV. Then you just place the utility container into its place. CanAm has designed a host of cargo boxes to fill the spot for all your cool stuff to ride in.

   With the XT package we had chose, the Outlander comes with a winch that is manufactured for CanAm by Warn so you know it has the power to pull you around the block if you need it and up the arm of the statue of liberty if that ever becomes legal. Please do not try that just yet! With full racks and intergrated bumpers there should be room for all your gear. The Camo unit however did not come with the Spoke Aluminum cast wheels but black steel ones instead. There is also the massive 400 watt Magneto that will easily power a large host of accessories. So when its time to light up the trail or micro wave a burger we have what it takes, minus the Microwave.

   This unit is fully 4x4 with a flip of a switch and with the Visco Lock system which transfers power from the slipping wheel gradually to the gripping wheel we are sure it would be tough to get this bad boy stuck. And there will be a surprise test during the projects build that should excite anyone who loves to climb virtually anything that you are brave enough to try. I promise you that during this particular test if you can hang on the Outlander is going skyward. Stay tuned for that!!

   Our build is going to be spread out over 5 months with the possibility of a sixth month before our long-term evaluation of the build. We will be putting the Camo Outlander in some new clothes with the help of Moose products and a pair of new shoes from OMF Performance in the form of custom one off Billet center wheels wrapped in Maxxis tread. We also have TwinAir filters, Baja Design Lights and HMF Performance pipe never before released to the public along with their awesome fuel injection programmer. There are many products waiting to be added to the "WorkHorse" and we will bring you detailed information on each one so maybe when you build your dream ride you'll know what the best products are.

  So stay tuned to and be sure to tell your friends because every two weeks we will be adding a new product that will make our "WorkHorse" a virtual who's who of great products and ideas for your own Outlander of choice!! Newsletter
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