FOX News Spotlights Glamis

FOX 11 news did a fantastic 3-part story on the Glamis Sand Dunes.

May. 01, 2006 By ORC STAFF


      Thursday, 4/20/2006- Christina Gonzales from FOX news interviewed Angel Anastastakis and Vicki Warren. Angel Anastastakis lost her son Kyle Przysieki in a motorcycle accident at the Glamis sand dunes this past Christmas. Vicki Warren, President of Friends of Dumont Dunes as well as, states the facts about the battle over the dunes between the Pro and Anti access groups. This interview footage is used through out parts 2 and 3 of Fox's news story. 

      Friday, 4/21/2006- Christina Gonzales and her news crew go to Glamis and interview various dune users throughout the day. Some users describe Glamis and how much of an addiction it is to ride the dunes. Another dune user sums up why he comes to the dunes with one word: Family. Christina and her news crew also happened along a young man who had crashed his ATV.

Map shows just how much area has been lost to anti-access

      Friday night the news crew did a live feed from our campsite at Osborne Overlook near Highway 78. She described dune users as 'dunatics' and used the footage from earlier that day along with a few comments for part 1 of the story over the battle for the dunes. 

      Saturday, 4/22/2006-This was the Day that Daniel Patterson from the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) was hosting a publicity stunt disguised as a dune hike. Daniel Patterson and the CBD are the group responsible for getting 49,000 acres closed at the Glamis sand dunes. 

      The news crew met with Daniel and his hikers on the West side of the dunes, near a now closed area, for a brief interview before they headed out on their hike across the dunes. Daniel spouted off how it's a 50/50 use type area. Meaning about 50% of the dunes are for off-roaders and 50% are for hikers, photographers, and conservation. FOX news then showed a map of what exactly is closed and proved that Daniel, once again, does not have his facts straight. The reporter inquired about his use pass, which he or none of the other vehicles in his group had. These are required for any vehicle in the Glamis area. Patterson went on to say that he would not pay a fee that was used to supply dumpsters for the use of off-roaders regardless of the fact that the dumpsters used are raven and coyote proof. This type of dumpster is another tool used to protect the desert tortoise. Patterson?s refusal to pay fees that support the purchase of these dumpsters illustrates the fact that the fight is and always has been about the money and not species protection. It just so happens that Ted Jones, BLM Ranger in the Glamis area, wrote all the vehicles tickets for no use pass. Way to go Mr. Jones! This footage was used for the final segment which aired on Sunday 4/23/2006.

      Something that was not covered in the newscasts was that Daniel Patterson's personal vehicle (diesel suburban running on, of course, bio-diesel) was parked on the East side of the dunes. It was to be used when they were finished with their hike to return everyone to the other vehicles on the west side of the dunes. Did it have a use pass? Of course not! And to top it off it was parked in a limited use area (due to desert tortoise habitat), meaning no vehicles allowed! It had a nice ticket on it from Mr. Jones for a total of $1100.00. Daniel are you above the law? You don't need a use pass and it's Ok for you to park in area's you yourself are trying to close? Looks like there is a double standard! 

      To Daniel Patterson and the CBD-knowledgeable people know that your claimed fight to protect plants and animals by hiding behind the endangered species act and filing 100's of frivolous law suits is not what your really after. We know you're really after the almighty dollar and power. We all hope your overnight stay in the dunes, with the winds of Glamis howling and you in just your sleeping bag were a comfortable one! Get off your high horse; the off-road community is gunning for you! 

Watch the 3 segments from FOX News here:(right click and save to your desktop to watch) 




Special thanks to:

Christina Gonzales and the entire FOX news crew for giving fair and positive light to the issues at the Glamis sand dunes.

Mr. Ted Jones for enforcing the laws and having good things to say on the news broadcast.

Vicki Warren for her continued fight.

Daniel Patterson for his contribution of $1500 in fines to local law enforcement. for capturing the FOX news clips and uploading them to the Internet.

Our deepest condolences for the loss of Kyle Przysieki, he will be missed! Newsletter
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