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The ability to completely customize a UTV or side-by-side is one of the reasons these things are so outrageously popular. With a few bucks and an afternoon’s work, owners can install several accessories onto their rig, making it completely different from your buddy’s machine – you know, the one he annoyingly went and bought that ended up being exactly the same as the RZR you have, color and all. Friggin’ skeet.

Even if your skeety best friend bought a different make and model, there is still great value in heaving a few accessories at your Polaris RZR. Perhaps you’re using it to traverse that tough trail to the cottage, in which case additional secured storage would make life easier. Headed into a high-speed desert arena? Buying a stout seatbelt harness wouldn’t go astray. Or, if you’re a total knob, maybe you’re looking to install a bumpin’ sound system in your RZR.

Hey, man, it’s your money. Just turn down your crappy music.

We’ve combed the internet to find ten of the best Polaris RZR accessories money can buy. There is something here for everyone … except that guy Chad who only wants a bumpin’ sound system.

Editor’s Pick: RZR RS1 Underhood Cooler/Storage Bag

polaris rzr rs1 underhood cooler storage bag

Designed so riders can fully utilize the factory underhood storage area of their single-seat RZR RS1, this removable 830 Cooler/Storage Combo is designed to fit perfectly in the underhood compartment. This textile cooler comes with a removable and waterproof liner for easy cleaning if your extreme hooning happens to upset the items you’ve stored in there.

A carry handle sticks up like a sore thumb so owners can carry their chilled goods. Keep gear secure and beverages cold in this cooler with the addition of some ice or chill packs. Specifically designed for the side-by-self RS1, the creative ‘wheeler will find a way to adapt this dandy accessory to their bigger RZR.

Most Useful: Fast Dual USB Charger Rocker Switch

switchtec dual usb charger rocker switch

Yeah, sure. Everyone likes to pretend they don’t use their phones out on the trail, and that posting an Instagram Story after taking on that awesome rocky path is not for for us outdoorsy types. In reality, most of us are tied to our phones for one reason or another, devices that require frequent infusions of electrons to remain useful.

This dandy little accessory plugs into your RZR’s electrical system using one of the switch blanks on its dashboard. Back-lit with blue LEDs, you’ll have no trouble finding the thing at night. A rubber cover keeps water and grit out of the 2.1A charging ports which, by the way, supplies far more juice to your phone than most USB ports in passenger cars.

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Best Safety Mod: Pro Armor 4-Point Harness

pro armor red 4-point harness straps

Adding a four-point harness to your RZR is the best way to tell your passengers that they should seriously consider making good use of that t-bar grab handle ahead of them. The harnesses shown here are of the 2” variety and designed to fit a wide array of body shapes and even include a leather patch on the buckle to avoid, erm, painful but YouTube-worthy pinching moments. The sellers promise easy installation using existing factory seat belt mounting points and hardware.

These belts are available in five different colors but your author is choosing the bright red because he is extroverted and annoying. Each harness comes with a water resistant phone pocket on one side and a mesh light pocket with included flashlight on the other.

SuperATV Heavy Duty Scratch-Resistant Flip Down/Folding Windshield

superatv heavy duty scratch resistant flip down windshield

You’re wearing a helmet, right? Good. That’s not to say it’s of the closed face variety, however, and even if it is, there’s no guarantee you mooks have the visor flipped down. Both these situations lead to an inevitable bugs-in-yer-teeth moments. That’s no fun for anybody and where the addition of a windshield can help.

Fitment on the RZR is guaranteed, according to the seller, meaning installers can leave their hammers and tin snips out of the equation. Its quarter-inch polycarbonate material is much stronger than glass. This full height example is able to flip and fold, allowing for either a half windshield or no windshield at all. Pro tip: pop for the more expensive scratch-resistant model like the one shown here.

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Axiom Polaris RZR Under Hood Storage Box

axiom polaris rzr under hood storage box

A hard-sided and uglier alternative to the cooler bag featured at the top of this post is Axiom’s underhood storage box. Made of .090 aluminum, this unit should be able to cart around a few of your valuables while you wheel your way through the sandy desert. Feel free to take it into a mudhole too, as Axiom promises this metal storage box boasts a lift-off watertight lid.

Powder coated and weighing 6.25 lbs, the manufacturer says installation of this accessory requires no drilling or poking of holes in your new and expensive RZR side-by-side. Inside dimensions of approximately 14” x 8-1/2” measures 3-3/4″ deep at the back, tapering to 2-1/2” at the front as it follows the RZR body lines.

Chupacabra Offroad Door Bags

chupacabra offroad door bags

These water resistant heavy-duty bags are just the ticket to increase the amount of meager storage present in the Polaris RZR. There is a separate storage pouch with abrasion-resistant material, making it perfect for sunglasses or mobile phones. Waterproof zippers should keep out most of the day’s sludge or wet weather.

The product bumf also boasts of a drink holder designed for quick access but, while handy, the RZR already has a couple of places in which to rest your drink. Perhaps they’re targeting exceptionally thirsty riders.

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KEMIMOTO Manual Wiper Hand Operated Windshield Wiper

kemimoto utv manual wiper

Remember that windshield we mentioned earlier? One of its drawbacks is the propensity to gather mud and dirt, spoiling the view ahead. This manual wiper system solves that problem, adding a 16 inch wiper blade to the equation.

No slicing and dicing of your RZR’s electrical system is required, thanks to the manual nature of this unit. Simply deploy the handle and crank ‘er up. Sure, this might make you look like Fred Flintstone – or at least the local ice cream maker – but there’s absolutely zero risk of this unit not working because of a weak battery.

Chupacabra Offroad Rear View Side Mirror

chupacabra offroad rear view side mirror

Assuming you’re not squeezing your Polaris RZR into tight rock-walled canyons or amongst a thick growth of trees, side mirrors are a great accessory that promotes driver awareness and safety on the trail. Especially handy in wide-open desert locations where another machine can come upon your rig quite quickly, these units are made of high impact plastic and so-called shatterproof glass.

Measuring 4 inches wide by just over 7 inches tall, these elephant ears will give riders a great view astern, allowing owners to watch all slower trail buddies eat their RZR-produced dust. The convex mirror provides a great range of sight plus an extreme amount of adjustability. Different size clamps and rubber isolators are included in the kit.

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Polaris RZR Lock & Ride 65L Cargo Box

polaris rzr lock and ride cargo box

Measuring about two feet square, this large storage box is designed to be mounted astern in the cargo bed area of your Polaris RZR. Designed and tailored to be an exact fit in the RZR, its Lock & Ride system allows the unit to be easily locked into place until the driver decides it is time to remove it from its perch.

This is, of course, a main advantage of these costly cargo boxes. Loading them full of supplies for a weekend at the cottage is no longer a huge chore, as that task can be done indoors at home and then carried out to the waiting RZR before being locked in place. Customer reviews praise its ample volume and  ability to keep out dust and dirt.

NewRay Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo EPS Matte White Lightning Diecast Car

newray polaris rzr diecast car

Sure, this isn’t strictly an accessory for your Polaris. As an expression of RZR ownership, however, its cool factor is off the charts. Measuring about 8 inches long in its 1:18 scale, this pint-sized RZR is perfect to show off placed on the ledge in your garage or on the corner of your desk at work.

It does come with a windowed box for display purposes … but where’s the fun in that? Take the thing out of its cardboard cage and let your visitors dream of having a RZR of their own as they make ‘vroom-vroom’ sounds like excited children. What? You don’t make ‘vroom-vroom’ noises when playing with scale models? Must be just me, then.

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