High lift jacks are an essential part of any off-roaders kit, as they make working on your vehicles easier at home or even on the road. This buyer’s guide will look at some of the best high lift jacks available.

Whether for servicing, repair, maintenance, off-road recovery, or inspection, there are numerous reasons you may need to lift your car, crossover, van, Jeep, or 4×4 high off of the ground—and when you do, a high-lift jack is the best way to do it.

Whether you’ve got to do an oil change, lift your Jeep off of a tree stump, remove a boulder from your path, a high lift jack can take many forms. Below, we’ll look at some of the best high lift jacks across several genres to help you sort through the shopping process.

Bottle Jack? Floor Jack?

Jacks come in all shapes and sizes, and each has its own set of pros and cons. The bottle jack tends to be considerably cheaper than a floor jack, as well as lighter, more compact, and able to lift heavier loads. However, they’re typically not suitable for use in lifting a lower, sportier vehicle. Floor jacks may be more maneuverable and easier to use, especially on a lower vehicle, but many aren’t ideal for use on dirty, sandy or soft surfaces. Some jacks come with height extenders that add further flexibility, too. Consider your needs, your vehicle, your workspace, and the likelihood that you’ll need to bring your jack with you, out into the wild, when making your decision.

1. Editor's Pick: Hi-Lift XT485 X-Treme Jack

hi-lift x-treme jack xt485

Primitive and proven, the Hi-Lift XT485 X-Treme Jack is the latest version of the original high-lift off-road jack and tops our list of the best high lift jacks you can buy. A vital tool that can be found in the off-road arsenal of enthusiasts across the globe, this top-line product flaunts construction in all cast metal, a powder-coated and zinc-enhanced surface for corrosion resistance, and a two-piece handle and socket for powerful and confident winching, clamping and spreading. This highly useful jack might be the number-one item to bring on any off-road adventure, and can be used by a single operator if required.

Owner reviews are largely positive, with most stating that the Hi-Lift XT485 X-Treme Jack gets the job done when it comes time to lift your Jeep or truck over an obstacle, or to use it as a hand winch to extract a stuck vehicle. Remember to consider the capacity of the jack against the weight of your vehicle (and any accessories), and to be sure you shop out any additional straps, chains, shackles and other provisions that may be required for your specific needs.

Though numerous imitations are available for lesser money, the original Hi-Lift branded jacks tend to have the most positive owner reviews. Here’s a great example of the original being the best, and that’s why this product makes our Editors Choice designation with ease.

2. Best Premium Pick for the Garage: Arcan ALJ3T 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack

arcan aluminum floor jack alj3t

Here’s another top-of-the-line service jack to keep in your garage or workshop if you figure you’ll treat yourself to a top-notch product. The Arcan ALJ3T 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack is pricey, but nearly perfect owner reviews across hundreds of shoppers suggest it’s well worth the investment. Fast pumping hydraulics and over 19 inches of lift make this one ideal for lifting taller vehicles and trucks, and a low-profile design and minimized weight make it easy to store just about anywhere.

Special valves prevent overextension of the jack arm and also keep the jack from lifting vehicles that exceed its 3-ton lift capacity. For long life, the lift arm is reinforced, and all hydraulics are effectively sealed to prevent contamination and leaks. Maneuverability is a cinch thanks to caster wheels, and built-in handles on the side of the jack help aid with positioning and transport. The Arcan ALJ3T 3-Ton Aluminum Floor Jack is a pricey pick—but one that comes backed by over 90 percent of owner reviews in the 4 and 5 star range. It’s a no-brainer choice on our list of the best high lift jacks.

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3. Best for Compacts and Race Cars: Big Red 1.5 Ton Aluminum Racing Jack

big red 1.5-ton aluminum racing jack

If you’re driving a smaller compact, a lightweight sports car, a show truck, or otherwise don’t require the lifting power of a bigger, heavier jack, consider the Big Red 1.5 Ton Aluminum Racing Jack. Provided your vehicle is compatible with its capacity, this affordable and well-reviewed floor jack is a great pick for the shopper who wants a jack that’s compact, portable, light, and able to quickly lift a smaller car with ease. In fact, the Big Red 1.5 Ton Aluminum Racing Jack can achieve its maximum lift of nearly 15 inches with just 10 pump strokes!

A roller teams up with a pair of swivel casters for maneuverability, and a knurled, non-slip handle ensures precise use. A rubber pad protects scratching or marring of the underside of the vehicle, and a saddle height of just 3.4 inches makes this one easy to store just about anywhere. A built-in side carry-handle makes it easy to carry just about anywhere, too.

Owner reviews are largely positive, and back the Big Red 1.5 Ton Aluminum Racing Jack as one of the best choices going when you want to quickly lift a smaller vehicle or race car.

4. Best Splurge Buy: Cooke Pro Eagle 2-Ton Big Wheel Off-Road Jack

cooke pro eagle 2-ton big wheel off-road jack

Its $400+ price tag means that the Cooke Pro Eagle 2-Ton Big Wheel Off-Road Jack isn’t for everyone, but those looking to splurge on a high-end, high-utility jack will find it worth the investment. Featuring a two-ton capacity and special design implements for use in sand, dirt, snow and other extreme conditions, the Cooke Pro Eagle 2-Ton Big Wheel Off-Road Jack can transition easily from use in your garage to use out in the real world.

Ideal for motorsports enthusiasts, off-roaders and do-it-yourself mechanics alike, there’s an 8-inch adjustable extension built in, to help lift even high-clearance machines high off of the ground. A built-in steel skid-plate keeps the Cooke Pro Eagle 2-Ton Big Wheel Off-Road Jack from sinking into sand and mud, and reduces wear on internal components. Large steel handles and rugged off-road wheels make this one easy to position on virtually any surface. The wheels also feature sealed bearings to prevent damage by use in sandy or dusty conditions.

Further reinforcing its hefty asking price, the Cooke Pro Eagle 2-Ton Big Wheel Off-Road Jack was the winner of SEMA’s 1st place prize for “Best Off-Road Product of 2017”. A 2-year warranty is included, too. If money were no object, it’s hard to argue against this topping many lists of the best high lift jacks available today.

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5. Mophorn 3-Ton Inflatable 4x4 Exhaust Air Jack

mophorn 4-ton inflatable air jack

It’s a fairly specialized product that’s a little unconventional, but the Mophorn 3-Ton Inflatable 4×4 Exhaust Air Jack might just be the best addition to the off-road enthusiast’s toolkit for recovery purposes. Whether you’re stuck in a rut, hung up on a log, partially buried in sand, or otherwise need to lift a high-clearance vehicle on soft ground with no other equipment around, this exhaust-powered air jack will get the job done with its effective height of 21.3 inches.

The Mophorn 3-Ton Inflatable 4×4 Exhaust Air Jack is basically a reinforced air sack made of 1000D nylon sandwiched between tear resistant PVC with an inlet that allows it to be filled quickly by the exhaust gasses of any nearby vehicle (or even the vehicle that needs lifting). Built to withstand abuse, the Mophorn 3-Ton Inflatable 4×4 Exhaust Air Jack includes a cover, adapters, valves, hoses and extensions, and everything else you’ll need for quick extraction. This jack is designed to be used as a last resort and is NOT suitable for making repairs beneath the vehicle, but in a specific set of circumstances, it makes a great emergency recovery tool. It can also be inflated with an air compressor, if desired.

Weighing just 8.8 pounds, this inflatable jack can safely lift your vehicle in seconds and would be well worth keeping on hand if you like to play in the sand, mud or snow.

6. Reese Towpower 54” Farm Jack

reese towpower farm jack

Affordably priced and capable of dealing with up to 8,000 pounds, the Reese Towpower 54” Farm Jack can be used in a wide range of applications. Whether you’re lifting a heavy vehicle or a small building, pulling a disabled car into your garage, or winching a truck or tractor that’s stuck in the mud, the Reese Towpower 54” Farm Jack has your back. The 3-foot handle provides plenty of leverage, and it, as well as the top clamp clevis, can be moved to any position on the upright portion of the jack to handle a variety of jobs.

All-steel construction and reasonable pricing makes this one a great pick with value-minded shoppers, though owner reviews are less than stellar. The Reese Towpower 54” Farm Jack may save you a few bucks, but note that some owners have reported questionable quality, breakage on the first use, and improperly fitting parts and accessories.

7. Arksen Electric Power Tongue

arksen electric power tongue trailer camper jack

Ideal to make quick work of lifting a trailer, boat, RV or camper, the Arksen Electric Power Tongue lifts your gear and toys off of the ground with ease. The hardened steel gears and electric motor enable push-button access to up to 18 inches of lift, and a detachable hand crank can be used in the event of an emergency loss of power. Just power the Arksen Electric Power Tongue, position it accordingly, press a button, and let it handle the rest.

A low-maintenance design ensures this one will last for years, and the entire thing can be mounted semi-permanently to a standard A-Frame trailer tongue. Let the Arksen Electric Power Tongue do the heavy lifting for you—but be sure to check the weight rating of this electric tongue against the weight of your gear, to ensure safety and compatibility. Note that this is a specialty product designed to lift a trailer from its tongue, and not an entire vehicle. Some wiring is required to set the Arksen Electric Power Tongue up.

8. Liftmaster 3-Ton Aluminum Low Profile High Lift Floor Jack

liftmaster 3-ton aluminum and steel low-profile high-lift floor jack

Why not treat yourself (and your garage) to one of the best service jacks around? With among the best owner reviews on Amazon, the Liftmaster 3-Ton Aluminum Low Profile High Lift Floor Jack is a premium product with a premium set of features that’s designed to last. This one’s pricey, but it may be the last service jack you’ll ever buy.

Aluminum construction improves portability and reduces weight, and a heavy-duty steel lift arm ensures maximum strength where it counts. The dual-pump quick-lift hydraulics save time and effort, and a built-in safety valve prevents accidental overloading, in case the device is used on a vehicle heavier than its 6,000 pound capacity. Featuring a clean and modern design with gold color, the Liftmaster 3-Ton Aluminum Low Profile High Lift Floor Jack looks as great as it performs—and with a high lift range of nearly 20 inches, it’s perfect for high-body vehicles like Jeeps and pickups. Owner reviews are generally positive, and some customers even say the Liftmaster 3-Ton Aluminum Low Profile High Lift Floor Jack might just be too pretty to keep in the garage, too. But if you aren’t too concerned about budget, it’s an easy choice for our list of the best high lift jacks.

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9. Torin Big Red Hydraulic 8-Ton Bottle Jack

torin big red hydraulic bottle jack

Floor jacks are all the rage in some circles, but for some shoppers, the ‘bottle-jack’ is a worthy alternative. Bottle jacks are typically cheaper than floor jacks, as well as smaller, lighter, and more portable. Further, they often have a higher weight rating, allowing your dollar to go further when lifting something heavy.

Enter the Torin Big Red Hydraulic 8-Ton Bottle Jack: it’s affordable, has good owner reviews, and features a wide and rugged base for added stability and strength. Ideal for vehicles with plenty of ground clearance, it has a lifting range that exceeds 17 inches and comes with an adjustable screw-top extension adds further flexibility. Drop forged steel construction ensures a long life, and a one-year warranty is included. The glide-action pressure pump ensures ease of use, and with an 8-ton capacity, you’ll be able to lift anything from a small car to a heavy farm tractor.

Owner reviews are mostly good, though some owners have complained that their Torin Big Red Hydraulic 8-Ton Bottle Jack arrived suffering from a messy hydraulic fluid leak, and that corrosion may be an issue if it’s used outdoors, or in a damp environment.

10. Mophorn Pneumatic 3-Ton Triple-Bag Air Jack

mophorn pneumatic jack 3-ton triple bag air jack

If you want to lift your vehicle in a jiff with minimal effort, then the Mophorn Pneumatic 3-Ton Triple-Bag Air Jack might be the perfect addition to your workshop. This air-powered lift slides beneath your vehicle easily, thanks to a built-in handle and rolling wheels for easy positioning. Once in place, simply connect an air-line, open the valve, and the pneumatic action lifts your vehicle up to 15.8 inches in about 2 seconds. No pumping, no work!

An internal telescopic stabilizer keeps the load in place when lifted, and a pressure relief valve prevents over-inflation for maximum safety. Powder coating and zinc plating resist corrosion and a lightweight, compact design makes this one portable and easy to use. The design of the Mophorn Pneumatic 3-Ton Triple-Bag Air Jack makes it virtually maintenance free, and the unit can be installed on a frame rack or alignment machine if desired.

Some 90 percent of owner reviews are in the 4 or 5 star range, indicating a solid and satisfying product. It’s clearly one of the best high lift jacks you can buy.

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What to Know Before Buying a High Lift Jack: Research

Before investing in a new jack, be sure to determine the weight of your vehicle (including fuel and accessories) to avoid winding up with a jack that’s not powerful enough for the job. You’ll also want to determine the height between your vehicle’s lift points and the ground beneath, against the total lift height of the jack. Also, don’t forget to consider the lift height of the jack, and the height of your vehicle, against the ceiling clearance in your garage or workshop, to avoid unpleasant surprises that may arise if you lift your truck or 4×4 up too high.  Finally, be sure the jack will clear your vehicle, especially if you drive a lower car, a compact, or a sports car.

Inspect it First

Like many products, hydraulic jacks are machines built of parts and components that can wear out or break. In some cases, owners have reported jacks that have arrived with fluid leaks thanks to defective internal seals or other manufacturing defects. Inspect the package carefully when it arrives—and if a leak is detected, possibly evidenced by a shipping box that’s become soggy with hydraulic oil, leave the package outside on a surface that won’t allow the leaking fluid to soak into the ground, and make arrangements to return the jack as soon as possible for a refund.

Safety is Key

Depending on the application, some of the jacks listed above may be best used with additional accessories for maximum safety and peace of mind. Read the product description fully, consider any additional accessories, and contact the seller if you’re in doubt. Also, never exceed the working capacity of a jack by attempting to lift a vehicle that’s heavier than the jack is intended for. Further, keep all instructional literature handy, and follow any directions regarding regular inspection, adjustment and servicing of your jack to a ‘T’ for maximum safety.

Spend It

Given that your new jack will likely be tasked with keeping your vehicle elevated while you work beneath it, consider spending a few dollars more to invest in a high-quality jack from a reputable, familiar brand. Look for strong owner reviews and an included warranty as signs of top quality. There are many ways to save money, but buying a questionable jack isn’t a smart one.

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