Finding the best fire extinguishers for your off-road vehicle is key to making sure you and your co-pilot are safe when you are out exploring off the beaten path.

In the world of off-road adventure, it always pays to be prepared for any situation that might come your way — including the dreaded possibility of a vehicle fire. Vehicle fires can start for a multitude of different reasons, and they all end with extremely undesirable results. Not only can a vehicle fire injure you and others, destroy your property, and leave you stranded — but in the wrong off-road setting, they could also trigger a dangerous forest fire.

Below, we’ll look at some of the best fire extinguishers for off-roaders. A few bucks spent on a quality off road fire extinguisher is, after all, money well spent on protecting your investment and your safety.

1. Editor’s Pick: First Alert Fire Extinguisher

first alert home fire extinguisher

Great reviews, plenty of brand confidence, plenty of choice, and some solid-looking performance put the First Alert Fire Extinguisher in our Editor’s Choice position on our list of the best fire extinguishers for off-roaders. This rechargeable fire extinguisher is a multipurpose unit that’s built to last—but also to help fight a wide range of fires, including those fueled by gas and oil, should the need arise. A corrosion-resistant, easy-to-read gauge is included for quick inspections, and the waterproof instruction label is built to stick around for the long haul.

Owner reviews are excellent overall, with several users reporting that they love the size, and that the First Alert Fire Extinguisher is a convenient size for a small car. This one looks sturdy, capable, and powerful, and comes backed by one of the most well-known brands in the industry.

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2. Best Professional Pick: Cold Fire All Season 20oz Ultimate Fire Protection

coldfire tactical best fire extinguisher

Our top pick for the professional goes to this well-rated Jeep fire extinguisher from Cold Fire. This off-road fire extinguisher features 20 oz’s of non-toxic fire suppressant that not only extinguishes almost every kind of fire, but it also helps to cool the hot surfaces of the fires source. This canned fire suppressant is considered all-season, so it is good to work in temperatures as low as -22°, and is the same suppressant that you’d find in your local police cruiser.

3. Mini Firefighter MFF01

max professional best fire extinguisher

This might not be the largest Jeep fire extinguisher on the scene, but it makes it on our list of the best fire extinguishers for off-roaders because it is compact and ultra-easy to carry with you. Simply put…you have no excuse not to keep on in your vehicle even if space is at a premium. If it’s not, remember that some enthusiasts even keep several of these fire-fighting canisters packed safely into a box or case within their vehicle. You can also store this in  your ATV rack bags, making it one of the best ATV fire extinguishers you can get.

The Max Professional Fire Gone is an aerosol can with a trigger release and directed nozzle. When needed, it sprays a jet of expanding, fire-eating foam in the direction it’s pointed. It’s also formulated to withstand extreme temperatures, so you can leave it in your vehicle all year round. Clean up is simple with a wipe-down by a damp rag, and the product is non-toxic.

4. Lifeline USA 4.0 Liter Racing Fire Safety System

best fire extinguishers

If you take fire safety seriously and are involved in weekend motorsports with your rig, the Lifeline USA 4.0-Litre fire suppression system might be the perfect off road fire extinguisher for you. Light, compact, environmentally compatible and equipped with a generously sized tank, it’s designed for permanent mounting inside of a vehicle. Included are special plumbing provisions designed to automatically disperse the foam fire suppressant to the 8 supplied nozzles that you place in your desired locations. All of this combines to make it one of the best fire extinguishers you can buy.

While installation takes more time and effort than just mounting a normal fire extinguisher, the effectiveness and fire safety that this system provides is second to none.

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5. Kidde Pro 210 Fire Extinguisher

kidde pro 210 fire extinguisher

Though it’s not called out clearly as an off-road fire extinguisher in the literature, the Kidde Pro 210 Fire Extinguisher makes its way onto our page for its good combination of affordability, decent owner reviews, brand recognition, and powerful fire-fighting punch, making it a perfect Jeep fire extinguisher.

The Kidde Pro 210 Fire Extinguisher can blast its dry-chemical charge up to 15 feet, over up to 15 seconds. Compatible with all types of fires, it also includes a pressure gauge for easy regular inspection and is made largely of powder-coated aluminum for a lightweight, long-lasting life.

Owner reviews for the Kidde Pro 210 Jeep Fire Extinguisher are very good, though some owners complain of receiving units with low pressure readings on the included gauge. If yours arrives without sufficient pressure, return the unit. Check the return policy, too, as this can be tricky for fire extinguishers.

Scour the owner reviews carefully for some ideas on how to install this one to your vehicle interior, too.

Badass Moto Gear Jeep Fire Extinguisher Mount

Badass Fire Extinguisher Mount

While we’d recommend a fire extinguisher for any off-road enthusiast, you don’t want to have it just rolling around the floor of your vehicle. The Badass Moto Jeep fire extinguisher mount lets you securely hold a fire extinguisher on to the roll bar of your Jeep. It comes with three adjustable straps to clamp down on your extinguisher and installs in seconds. It is designed to fit all Jeep models from 1986 to today and it won’t break the bank.

What You Need to Know: Safety First

Your investment in an off-road fire extinguisher is a great investment in your safety, and the safety of those in and near your vehicle. Just remember that the fire extinguisher you choose may have numerous requirements to ensure its safe and effective operation—including the need to regularly inspect the extinguisher itself. Just like any piece of equipment, a fire extinguisher needs a little up-close attention, inspection, and maintenance every so often to make sure it’s in tip-top shape.

Check your extinguisher’s manual to determine any maintenance and care requirements. You’ll also want to determine whether or not it needs to be replaced after a certain period of time: some fire extinguishers have an expiry date, and others do not. If you’re not sure how long your extinguisher will last, ask the seller. Many users choose to pre-emptively replace their fire extinguisher every so many years, for maximum peace of mind.

Mark It

In the event of a fire-related emergency, things can happen fast. That’s why it’s a great idea to identify your vehicle as equipped with an on-board fire extinguisher to those nearby. If you’re off-roading with a group, consider telling your fellow drivers that you have a fire extinguisher in your ride, and ask anyone else in the group equipped with one to do the same.

Special high-visibility fire extinguisher decals are also available to fix to your vehicle, identifying the fire extinguisher at a glance. Consider using an identification decal with an image of a fire-extinguisher, rather than a text-only decal, for maximum likelihood of it being identified.

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Owner Reviews

Unlike most of the things we buy, even the best fire extinguishers are an item most of us hope we never need to use. In fact, many customers who buy fire extinguishers don’t ever need to use them. Take this into consideration before heading to the owner reviews section of the extinguisher you’re considering. If you’re interested in more information, you’re likely best to check out the brand’s website, or to contact the seller.

Keep it Secure

You’ll want to take whatever steps are necessary to properly and firmly secure your off road fire extinguisher to the inside of your vehicle. After selecting an appropriate location for the fire extinguisher assembly, be sure to select a strong, high-quality mount if not already included with your extinguisher. Some fire extinguishers include mounting provisions, and others do not. In any case, be sure to attach things firmly, as a fall from a poorly-secured mount can damage your extinguisher, and letting it roll around freely in your vehicle is a bad idea for a whole bunch of reasons.

Go Big

When shopping out an off road fire extinguisher, it’s generally best to go as big as possible. Especially considering that your off-road vehicle is likely to be carrying (or in close proximity to) highly combustible things like auxiliary fuel tanks, spare bottles of engine oil, and forests, you definitely don’t want to skimp on the size of your fire protection.

Get Familiar

Not all fire extinguishers, or the fire-extinguishing formulations they use, are created equal. There’s a wealth of information available online about how fire extinguishers are rated, which types of fires they’re compatible with, and where they should, and shouldn’t, be used. When considering a fire extinguisher, be sure to carefully research your choice, to ensure you wind up with the right product for the application. At a minimum, you’ll likely want an off road fire extinguisher that’s compatible with electrical, gas, oil, grease and wood fires.

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