When you’re ready to add some rugged trail protection to your off-road rig, Smittybilt bumpers should be toward the top of your list of parts to consider. Smittybilt has been a major presence in the off-road parts scene for several decades, garnering a reputation for quality and innovation along the way. Rugged Jeep bumpers designed to withstand the rigors of overlanding have long been a staple in the company’s catalog.

But Smittybilt bumpers deliver more than extra trail protection; many of the company’s designs have mounting provisions for winches, hooks, and auxiliary lights, giving off-roaders more options when it comes to outfitting their rigs for serious duty. The company offers a wide range of design styles, too, so that whether you’re looking for maximum cladding to protect your radiator and headlamps, or something a bit more slim with ample clearance for your oversized off-road tires, there is probably a Smittybilt bumper to suit your needs.

Here, we take a look at some of our favorite Smittybilt bumpers for serious off-road rigs.

1. Editors Choice - Smittybilt Stainless Tubular Front Bumper

Smittybilt Stainless Tubular Front Bumper

The most classic, iconic-looking of Smittybilt bumpers, this stainless tubular front bumper is a simple, sleek, no-frills affair: no hook mounting provisions, no winch plate – just 39 pounds of robotically welded steel with a gorgeous, polished stainless finish. The bumper is broad enough to keep your front fenders protected, and it features a tall loop to keep the radiator safe from most impacts. It’s also available in a gloss black or textured black finish, but the stainless is our favorite. And because of its simple design, it fits a wide range of Jeep models, from the 1976-’86 Jeep Wrangler CJ, all the way up through the 2007-2018 JK Wrangler JK and JK Wrangler Unlimited, this is our staff favorite out of Smittybilt Jeep bumpers.

2. Best Stubby Jeep Bumper - Smittybilt Black XRC Gen 1 Front Bumper

Smittybilt Black XRC Gen 1 Front Bumper

If you’re looking for something a bit more modern and feature-rich, try this Smittybilt XRC front bumper on for size. Smittybilt now offers a “Gen 2” version of its XRC design, but for the combination of price, specs, and coverage, we prefer this Gen 1 model. It’s a single-piece welded design, with a tubular loop delivering protection for the radiator while a solid 3/16” plate center section defends the frame horns and lower crossmember, with raised corners that provide excellent entry and exit over extreme terrain. There’s also a solid D-ring mount, welded on both sides for excellent durability, and a built-in winch plate engineered to support up to 15,000 pounds of line pull. We feel you can purchase this with confidence since the XRC Gen 1 Smittybilt bumper reviews are excellent with 5 out of 5 stars.

This particular XRC front bumper is for the Jeep Wrangler JK, but XRC Smittybilt bumpers are available for the YJ Wrangler and TJ Wrangler, as well as for the new JL Wrangler and JT Gladiator.

3. Best Toyota FJ Bumper - Smittybilt M-1 Front Bumper

Smittybilt M1 Front Bumper

While the bulk of Smittybilt bumpers on the market are aimed squarely at Jeep owners, the company has started branching out with products like the M-1 front bumper – a heavy-duty off-road bumper that makes Smittybilt’s reputation for quality and durability available to full-size truck owners. Manufactured from 3/16 & 1/4 cold roll steel and finished in a two-stage powdercoat, the M-1 has everything the off-roader should need – solid-mount D-rings, ultra bright driving and fog lights, and a sturdy integrated winch plate rated to support up to 17,500 pounds of line pull, depending on the model. Better still, the M-1 has been adapted to cover a wide range of models, from the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and Silverado 2500/3500, to the Ram 2500/3500, to the Ford F-250/F-350, the Toyota Tundra, and the Toyota FJ Cruiser.

4. Best Modular Bumper - Smittybilt STRYKER Front and Rear Bumpers

Smittybilt Stryker

Among Smittybilt’s most advanced off-road bumpers, the STRYKER series is press-formed, rather than cut and welded together from metal stock, allowing it to have a modern, complex, aerodynamic shape specifically tailored to suit Jeep’s JK and JL Wrangler models. It also has just about everything you could ever need from an off-road bumper. The Smittybilt STRYKER front bumper boasts integrated lift points, 7/8” D-ring mounts, winch-mounting provisions rated at up to 12,000 pounds of line pull – even provisions for mounting the OE foglamps and an LED light bar. Out back, the Smittybilt STRYKER rear bumper gets the same D-ring and lift points, plus cutouts for auxiliary backup lights and removable mesh panels that allow for even more customization.

Most impressive of all, the Smittybilt STRYKER front bumper is modular, with optional wing extensions that provide more frontal area coverage and additional foglight mounting provisions.

5. Smittybilt SRC Gen 2 Front Bumper

Smittybilt SRC Gen 2 Front Bumper

Of all the Smittybilt bumpers out there, just one provides the “ultimate protection for rock crawling,” in the words of the manufacturer: the Smittybilt SRC Gen 2. A complete redesign of Smittybilt’s legendary SRC Gen 1, the Gen 2 features tubular loop corners that match the factory fender lines, providing coverage across the entire width of your Jeep JK Wrangler, raised for superior entry and exit. It’s also about as heavy-duty as off-road bumpers come, with High-Density Polyethylene slip strips designed specifically to keep your Jeep guarded while rock crawling, and a solid D-ring mount and jack point welded on the inside and out. The SRC Gen 2 also features OE fog light ports and a winch plate good for up to 12,000 pounds of line pull.

6. Smittybilt SRC Gen 1 Front Bumper

Smittybilt SRC Gen 1 Front Bumper

Shopping Smittybilt bumpers for an earlier Jeep Wrangler – like a YJ or TJ? The Gen 1 Smittybilt SRC front bumper is a perfect match, with tubular loops that extent over the radiator and front fenders, providing ample off-road protection. It’s a simple, inexpensive design, but one that works, and it’s one of Smittybilt’s most highly rated models. It’s finished in a durable, black powder coat that stands up to abuse. If you plan to use a winch, though, be warned that a separate piece is needed for mounting.

7. Smittybilt XRC Rear Bumper and Tire Carrier

best smittybilt bumpers

When it comes to the backside of your off-road rig, you can’t overlook Smittybuilt bumpers. The XRC line of rear Smittybilt bumpers is great for the driver that want’s to be prepared. Made from 3/16″ cold rolled steel an welded inside and out, the rear bumper has just what you’d expect in fit and finish from Smittybilt. The rear bumper also features a Class III 2″ receiver, solid D-Ring mounts, a swing-away tire carrier that can accommodate up to a 37″ tire, front/rear Hi-Lift jack mounts, gas can holder and a panel for your favorite Molle accessories. A true off-road lovers bumper.

8. Smittybilt Wrangler CJ Front Bumper Adapter

Smittybilt Wrangler CJ Front Bumper Adapter

Okay, so it’s not technically a bumper – it’s arguably better, at least if you’re a Jeep CJ Wrangler owner.  These adapters allow 1976-’86 CJ owners to retrofit many of the most popular Smittybilt bumpers made for YJ and TJ Wranglers. The adapters aren’t overly heavy, coming in at just under 12 pounds, despite their heavy-duty construction and durable powercoat finish. This kit dramatically expands the front bumper options available to CJ owners, and that’s a beautiful thing.

What are the most important features I should be looking for in a bumper(s)?

Well for starters, if it’s going on your rig you should like the way it looks first. After that start thinking about accessories that you might want to mount in the future. Think about lighting mounts, winch mounts, tow hooks for front bumpers. If you’re looking at rear bumpers, think about possible spare tire mounts, tow hitch receivers and tow hook mounts as well. You may kick yourself in the pants if you purchase one without those features and decide you want them at a later date.

Does tubing thickness matter when choosing a bumper?

It all depends on what you expect from your bumper. If you’re just installing it for looks and expect minimal protection from impact, then by all means run a thin diameter tubing. Most Smittybilt off-road bumpers feature 2″ .120″ thick tubing for a good looking bumper that has a compact look, yet is strong for tough impacts when you’re on the trails.

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