With so many Jeep gas cans available; it can be hard to know the good from the bad. Between the different construction materials, spout styles, designs, mounting options, and so forth, there’s a fair amount to consider. And then, of course, there’s the biggest concern of all: overall quality. You want something durable and reliable that can go the distance – and that won’t let you down when you need it most.

There are few things worse than completely running your tank dry in the middle of nowhere only to find that your “spill-proof” spout has broken and refuses to dispense any gas.

To help ease your search, we’ve put together this list of the best Jeep gas cans available for purchase today, sticking only to high-quality, time-tested units that are all but guaranteed to last for miles and miles of off-road adventuring.

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1. Editors Choice - RotoPaX 3-Gallon Gasoline Pack

best jeep gas cansRotoPaX is one of the best-known names in adventure-ready Jeep gas cans, thanks to the company’s longstanding tradition of quality and intelligent design. This 3-gallon unit is no exception, making for an excellent off-road gas can thanks to its incredibly durable thick-walled rotationally molded three-layer body and easy-to-mount flat design. RotoPaX likes to boast that it’s the only manufacturer with EPA- and CARB-compliant rotationally molded gas cans for sale in the US, and we can see why: it makes for one darn good gas can. Mounting the RotoPaX off-road gas cans is simple with one of their many clever gas can mounting system making it easy to stick the pack where you like, even on your Jeep’s tailgate. If you feel the need for even more fuel capacity, you can always step up to the company’s 5-gallon model.

2. Runner Up: WINTOOLS Gasoline Packs

best jeep gas cansAre you looking for a quality Jeep gas can with mounting options similar to RotoPaX’s, but you don’t want to pay RotoPaX pricing to get it? Check out this WINTOOLS Pack Mount fuel containers. Available in 20, 20, or 30L sizes, these fuel packs are made from injection molding rather than three-layer rotational molding, allowing WINTOOLS to keep the price of this can down. Rest assured that it’s still plenty high-quality, with a lightweight, impact-resistant red plastic body and no fewer than five mounting holes that allow you to position the can just how you like it. All of that adds up to make one of the best off-road gas can options around.

3. Classic Metal Gas Can: Midwest 5-Gallon Metal Jerry Can

best jeep gas cansIf you’re more of a traditionalist, you might prefer this classic design 5-gallon metal jerry can from Midwest Can. This off-road jerry can features steel construction that makes for a durable, puncture-resistant vessel that can stand up to years of adventuring. But the best thing about this can is the design. Manufacturers have long been producing mounting solutions for jerry can-style gas cans, so your options for can storage are plentiful, and it looks like it’s straight out of a WWII movie. Strap it to your old CJ and it will look right at home.

4. Wavian USA Authentic NATO Jerry Fuel Can

best jeep gas cansIf you’ve got a bit more money to drop on an off-road jerry can, this 5-gallon unit from Wavian is the real deal. Wavian says it’s the only military-grade, EPA- and CARB-compliant rust-proof steel jerry can on the market, and the “highest-spec steel jerry can in the world”. We don’t know about all that, but we do know that it’s easily one of the best Jeep gas cans out there, with 0.9 mm cold-rolled steel walls, high-quality seam welds, and a wide breather channel for smoother pouring. The inside of the can is coated with a fuel-resistant enamel, guaranteeing many years of reliable service, and this Jeep Wrangler gas can even ships with a 2-year warranty for peace of mind. If we were ever planning our next excursion in an active war zone, this is the can we’d bring with us.

5. Justrite 5-Gallon Steel Gas Can

best jeep gas cansOn the hunt for something dead simple that just works? Enter this Justrite 5-gallon steel gas can. It’s one of the most highly rated Jeep gas cans on Amazon, and it’s no great mystery why. The can boasts a unique “safe-squeeze” trigger handle that provides buttery smooth, well-controlled pouring, 24-gauge galvanized steel construction, and a solvent-resistant powdercoat finish there to protect the can for years to come. What’s more, it’s got an impressive set of credentials, meeting safety requirements put forth by OSHA, NFPA, UL/ULC, and others. It may not be as portable as some of the other Jeep gas cans on this list, but for the money, if you’ve just got to have something solidly well-built that will last for years to come, you could do worse.

6. EAG Universal Gas Tank Bracket for Tire Carriers

Best Jeep Gas Cans

Whether you need a fuel can carrier for Jerry Can or FuelPax style fuel containers, this Universal Gas Tank Bracket from EAG might just be what you’re looking for. This off-road gas can carrier works with most popular rear Jeep bumpers that feature a spare tire carrier, and easily bolt on using the supplied U-bolts and other hardware. The bracket itself is constructed from steel and features a durable textured black powder coat finish. Your fuel cans/packs are secured with supplied nylon webbing straps, making this one of the best universal kits you can get.

How to Mount Gas Cans to a Jeep Wrangler

You have plenty of options for how to mount your gas can to your Jeep Wrangler. The simplest method – apart from tossing it into a cargo net in the trunk – is to restrain it to a roof rack. In fact, that’s just about your only option if you opt for the Justrite 5-gallon steel can on this list or another can like it, with a broad, stable base designed to keep the can upright at all times.

The other Jeep gas cans on this list offer alternative mounting options. For instance, you can get something like this Jeep gas can mount from Smittybilt, which installs in your trunk or on your tailgate and cradles jerry cans up to 5 gallons in capacity, keeping it secure and upright while you go adventuring. Or, for “pack”-style gas cans like those from RotoPaX, you can use something like this RotoPaX gas pack mount, which attaches to your Jeep’s body using an included base plate and passes through the pack, securing it against the sheet metal. Higher-capacity gas packs can make use of more than one mount for additional security and resistance to bumps and jolts.

At the end of the day, what sort of Jeep gas can mount you choose will have as much to do with what sort of gas can you purchase as price and value.

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