A good set of jack stands provides stability for your vehicle and safety for you when the wheels need to come off. We’ve done the research to find the best jack stands that offer great strength and safety at various price points.

The best jack stands provide the strength and security to safely lift and hold your off-road vehicle while you work. There are many options available for you to choose from, but only the best can ensure your safety. That’s why we did our homework by looking for the most durable and well-designed 4×4 jack stands available today. We took everything into consideration from height range, base width, combined load rating and materials used to find the best of the best. By using our guide, you’ll find a variety of quality off-road jack stands to fit every budget and will provide years of hassle-free, safe service for years to come.

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1. Editor's Choice: US JACK D-41610 Jack Stands

US JACK D-41610 6 Ton Garage Stands - sized

As its name suggests, US JACK’s off road jack stands are made entirely in the United States, and each of the two  stands in this set is capable of safely supporting 6 tons with their “Double Lock Security System,” ensuring that your off-road vehicle remains securely in place as you work underneath. The nearly 1-foot x 1-foot base gives you the piece of mind that the jack stands won’t slide or tip over when you need them most. The D-41610 jack stands are perfect for working on off-road trucks and Jeeps with a minimum height of 16-inches and maximum height range of 25 ¼ inches, providing plenty of room to safely and effectively work on your vehicle. As a trusted brand used by the U.S. Military, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Snap-On Tools we’re confident that this is a top-notch product worthy of your investment and title of best jack stands.

2. Budget Pick: Pro-LifT T-6906D 6-Ton Double Pin Jack Stands

Pro-Lift T-6906D Double Pin 6-Ton Jack Stands - sized

The most affordable offering on our list of best jack stands are the Pro-Lift T-6906D Double Pin 6-Ton jack stands. The set has a combined load rating of 6-tons, which should be plenty for the average DIY mechanic. The double lock mechanism and mobility pin ensure that these jacks reliably hold your off-road vehicle where you want it and the 9×10-wide base provides plenty of stability whether you’ve set the jack stands at the minimum height of 15-inches or the maximum height of 24-inches. The stamped-steel construction has a painted finish for great corrosion resistance, that should provide years of safe, reliable service at an affordable price under $60.

3. BIG RED Torin Steel Jack Stands

BIG RED Torin Steel Jack Stands-sized

As another affordable offering in our list of best jack stands, the Big Red Torin Steel jack stands are the perfect addition to any DIY off-road enthusiast. The jack stands feature the standard double locking mechanism to support your vehicle from its minimum lift of 15-inches to its maximum of nearly 24-inches high. The saddles have a wide surface area for superior frame contact and load support, but base width could be better at only 7-11/16-inches x 6-7/8-inches. If you don’t require the higher load capacity (6-ton load rating) for vehicles such as ATVs or UTVs, they do offer 2 and 3-ton options for a lower cost, but we suggest just sticking with the 6-ton model for all purposes to keep your garage from getting cluttered.

4. Omega Black Heavy Duty 22-Ton Jack Stands

Omega 32225B Black Heavy Duty Jack Stand - sized

While some may consider the Omega Black Heavy Duty 22-ton jack stands overkill, we felt it necessary to include on our list of best jack stands. Maybe your JK doesn’t require this kind of heavy-duty support, but some of those monster mud busses you see in the south could definitely put jack stands like these to the test. The Omega HD jack stands feature a nearly 10×10-inch wide,  heavy gauge steel base that features a compression design with flat welds that prevent the jack stands from failing. The heavy-duty holding pins keep your vehicle in place, whether you have it resting at the minimum height of 13-inches or the maximum height of nearly 20-inches. They’re the most heavy duty jack stands on our list, and priced at just under $200 you definitely get what you pay for.

5. Omega Black High Lift 10-Ton Jack Stands

Omega 32107B Black High Lift Jack Stand - sized

To round out our list of best jack stands, we go big with the Omega Black High Lift 10-Ton jack stands. This set of jack stands takes over the duties where other jack stands just don’t measure up to the needs of off-roaders who have big lifts. These high lift jack stands feature a super wide 16×16-inch base, and a height range that varies from 28 to 47-inches. Outfitted with the same heavy-duty pins found on the shorter 22-ton jack stands from Omega, once your height is set you’ve got nothing to worry about. As the most expensive on our list priced at just under $350, they’re definitely geared for a specific customer whose over-the-top toy needs an over-the-top special tool like these making them some of the best tall jack stands you can get.

6. Pro-Lift T-6903 D 3-Ton Jack Stands

best jack stands

While only rated for a combined 3-tons, these double-pin jack stands from Pro-Lift are some of the best selling jack stands available and are perfect for Jeep or light truck owners. They’re probably some of the most affordable jack stands you can buy, which is fine because they come from a company that is known for their quality. This is why you’ll see that these are the second set of off-road jack stands in our list from this manufacture.

If I already have my vehicle jacked up, do I even need to use jack stands?

Absolutely! A jacks only purpose is to lift. IF you’re working under your vehicle and the jack you’re using unexpectedly loses hydraulic pressure, your vehicle can suddenly drop and trap you under your vehicle. When you use jack stands, they support the load of the vehicle allowing you to safely work under it without worry.

Can you place jack stands on a solid axle?

Definitely as long as the jack stands you’re using are rated for or above the amount of weight to be supported. We also recommend that you chalk the wheels on the ground to prevent any rolling of the vehicle while you’re working under it.

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