Your pickup truck is built to haul, but if you really want to maximize your use of the bed, you need to look into truck bed storage solutions.

Here at, we’re firm believers that the right truck bed storage solution can completely transform the way you use your truck’s space. A locking tonneau cover is a start, and in many cases, perfectly adequate if you ever find yourself hauling things that are easy to steal or sensitive to the weather. But in truth, there are plenty of durable, well-made truck bed storage products beyond a tonneau cover that you should consider – products that not only provide a similar level of protection for your gear, but that help keep it separated and organized despite physics’ best efforts to rearrange all your stuff whenever you drive.

Here, we’ve rounded up the best of the best: the top 6 truck bed storage solutions on the market today. Covering a range of different styles, uses, and price points, there’s sure to be something in here that’s just right for you.

Undercover SwingCase

Undercover Swing Case

One of our very favorite truck products ever, the Undercover SwingCase is the perfect place to store tools, roadside emergency gear, trailer gear, and plenty of other items, without taking up valuable space or getting in the way as you’re trying to load other items. It’s basically a big, hinged plastic bin that mounts to the rear of the bed, on either side of the tailgate, and swings into or out of the cavity behind the wheel well as needed. What else are you going to use that space for? Your items are close by when you need them, and out of the way when you don’t. The SwingCase also features a full-perimeter moisture seal to keep your items protected in the event of a downpour, and it’s key-lockable for security. Get two – one for each side of the bed – for double the storage space.

Maxxhaul Heavy Duty Waterproof Truck Bag


Sometimes, you just need something big, simple, and easy to drop-in at a moment’s notice for an impromptu camping trip. That’s where the Maxxhaul Heavy Duty Waterproof Truck Bag comes in. Sized 40” by 50” by 22” for a plentiful 26 cubic feet of storage space, and yet able to collapse down into a small, convenient space for storage, this bag is the perfect truck bed storage solution for short-term use. It’s made from a UV-coated, non-breathable PVC material with a strong polyester reinforcement and heat fusion-sealed seams for the utmost round-the-clock weather protection, and extra-big zipper loops make it padlock-compatible for extra security while you’re out on the road. Ready to go when you are, the Maxxhaul truck bag drops in in seconds and secures with bungee cords.

Rubbermaid Action Packer

Rubbermaid ActionPacker

Simple. Practical. Tough as nails. That’s the basic recipe that Rubbermaid adheres to, and it makes the Action Packer one of our very favorite truck bed storage solutions. The Rubbermaid Action Packer is a lightweight plastic bin with a rugged frame and “virtually indestructible” build quality – so much so that Rubbermaid backs up the product with a lifetime warranty. It boasts all the security and weather protection you might expect, with lockable latches, temperature resistance from 0 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and a strong, double-wall lid with a grooved surface to prevent water from pooling. Its impact-resistant, so it can take a beating without crumpling or deforming, and available in an array of different sizes so you can find the capacity that works for you, whether you’re looking for a small 8-gallon bin to hold your trailer accessories, or a big 48-gallon unit to house your camping gear.

Keeper Ratcheting KargoBar with Storage Net

Keeper Cargo Bar Storage Net

Not every drive is an off-road adventure; sometimes, it’s just a run to the grocery store. For that, we really can’t say enough good things about the Keeper Ratcheting Cargo Bar with Storage Net. It’s made to suit a wide variety of different truck beds, from 40” to 70” in width, and built to last with a durable, baked-on coating to resist scratches and water damage. It features an attached 24” by 60” net for separating smaller items out from your truck bed cargo, but you can get even more utility out of it by using the bar as a divider, splitting up your pickup bed storage space however you see fit, with the option to reapportion later.

WeatherGuard Aluminum Saddle Box

Weather Guard Saddle Box

If you’re on the hunt for a good truck bed tool box, the mantra “you get what you pay for” absolutely applies. The last thing you need is for your cheap, $200 tool box to fail when you need it the most. So, we recommend spending a bit extra and getting this: the WeatherGuard Aluminum Saddle Box. Available with a bright or black finish, with rugged diamond plate pattern panels, the WeatherGuard Saddle Box is designed to span the full width of your truck bed and provide generous storage space for all your tools and truck accessories. It mounts using a set of drill-free, crimp-free clamped brackets that won’t do a number on your truck’s sheet metal, and it features a keyed locking system to keep your expensive tools safe from would-be thieves. Best of all, it’s solidly well-built, with thick-gauge walls and smooth, heavy-duty locks and latches, not to mention a weather-resistant design to keep your tools safe from the elements.

Decked Pickup Truck Storage System

Decked Pickup Truck Storage System

We’ve saved the best – and most expensive – for last: the Decked Pickup Truck Storage System. This is one of the most innovative truck bed storage solutions ever devised. It’s basically a vertically compact box that spans the full length and width of your pickup bed, with a built-in top deck that serves as your new load floor. With this, you can store all your tools, accessories, and other gear underneath your payload. To live up to the challenge, the Decked Pickup Truck Storage System is made from high-density polyethylene molded to a steel subframe, resulting in a deck load rating of up to 2000 pounds. It’s also secure, with weatherproof drawers that can even keep your items dry in the car wash, and totally customizable with accessories like locks, dividers, T-tracks, and nesting storage boxes all available, ready to be installed as integrated features. With an array of models designed to suit numerous trucks from Ford, GM, Ram, Toyota, and Nissan, chances are good you’ll be able to lock down a Decked Pickup Truck Storage System that’s right for you.

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