If you’ve been eyeing some Ford Raptor accessories to take your high-powered off-road truck to the next level? You’re not alone.

The Ford F-150 Raptor is a remarkably capable, well-equipped truck from the factory, shipping standard with a beefed up suspension, plentiful under-body protection, and a reinforced frame engineered to withstand the full brunt of the grueling Baja 1000. Couple that with a 450-horsepower 3.5L EcoBoost V6, a clever 10-speed automatic transmission, and a sophisticated 4WD/AWD transfer case, and it’s easy to see why the Raptor is one of the hottest vehicles out there for die-hard off-roading enthusiasts.

Yet, there are plenty of ways in which Ford’s indomitable off-road pickup can be better equipped for serious duty. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best, most valuable Ford Raptor accessories on the market today, whether you’re looking to hit the trails, conquer the dunes, or simply add to your truck’s everyday versatility.

1. Editor's Choice: ARB On-Board Twin High Performance Air Compressor Pump Up Kit and E-Z Tire Deflator

best ford raptor accessories

If you’re venturing off the pavement, airing down your tires will, inevitably, become necessary at some point. To make sure you can air back up before you return to the road, an onboard air compressor – like this one from ARB – might be worth its weight in gold. ARB is a trusted name in the world of off-roading, and this compressor lives up to the company’s sterling reputation with a sound-deadening anodized mount for permanent installation, a splash-resistant housing, and an over-pressure valve for safety. The pump runs off of 12-volt DC power and has a 50% duty cycle with a max. rated pressure of 100 psi. To use it to air your tires back up after a romp, you’ll also want this ARB tire inflation kit, which includes an 18-foot air hose and a dust-free air chuck.

2. Best Tire Upgrade: BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 Tires

BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM3

When it comes to Ford Raptor accessories (or any truck for that matter), tires can make a real difference. The Ford F-150 Raptor ships with one heck of a tire installed: the BFGoodrich T/A K02. But that tire, as capable as it is off the pavement, was designed with on-road livability in mind. If you’re looking to get even more serious with your Raptor’s off-roading acumen, BFGoodrich’s Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 is an excellent choice. Intended for vehicles that spend as much as 80% of their time off-road, the T/A KM3 builds on the success of its popular predecessor – the T/A KM2 – with better mud and rock traction, and significantly more durable sidewalls. Compared to the Raptor’s original T/A K02s, the T/A KM3 will wear a bit faster on the road, and comfort and fuel economy will take a hit. If you can live with that, though, the upside is significantly more off-road capability than the stock tires can offer making them some of the best tires for a Ford Raptor.

3. Best Lighting Upgrade: Rough Country 50” Dual Row Cree LED Light Bar Kit

Rough Country Light Bar

You can’t talk about the best accessories for a Ford Raptor and not have a good LED light bar in the list. Auxiliary lighting is a must for any serious off-roading enthusiast. Not only do light bars look rad, but when the sun sets or a storm blows in, they can mean the difference between being able to clearly see where you’re going or, well, not. We recommend the Rough Country 50” Dual Row CREE LED bar kit, primarily for its mix of features and durability for the price. Delivering 43,200 lumens of illumination with an output of 580 Watts, this light bar will have little trouble lighting up the night. It also comes with a daytime running light feature that uses a section of LEDs designed to illuminate similar to your truck’s daytime running lights.

The LEDs in this light bar are IP67 waterproof rated and are made with a durable die-cast aluminum housing, which should stand up to typical off-road abuse. Rough Country backs up this bar with a three-year warranty.

4. Best Bed Cover: oEdRo Quad Fold Tonneau Cover

oEdRo Tonneau Cover

Whether you’re driving on- or off-road, a tonneau cover is among the best Ford Raptor accessories to consider. A good one offers protection against the elements for your bed and its contents; helps improve aerodynamic efficiency on long highway jaunts; and keeps your stuff safe from bouncing out or getting snatched. For the Raptor, we like this oEdRo Quad Fold tonneau cover, which features four built-in horizontal crossbars that provide support when fully unfolded and save space when you fold it up.

Other features include double layer PVC construction, pre-assembled powder coated rails and aluminum clamps, and simple installation that requires no drilling in most cases.

5. Best MudFlap Upgrade: WeatherTech Custom Mudflaps for Ford F-150 Raptor

WeatherTech MudFlaps

The Ford F-150 Raptor already offers some paint protection from the factory, notably in the form of black plastic fender covers. But if you venture off-road, you’re going to kick up plenty of dirt, sand, and other debris. That’s why these WeatherTech Mudflaps make our list of Ford Raptor accessories. They’re designed specifically for the Ford F-150 Raptor, installing easily without the need to drill into the truck’s body, and they help deflect debris away from your truck, not to mention any other trucks that might happen to be nearby. WeatherTech is a big name in durable all-weather vehicle protection, and you really can’t go wrong trusting your truck’s body protection to a tried and true brand.

6. Best Tech Upgrade: LinksWell T-Style Multimedia Center


No, it won’t add any performance to your Raptor, but the LinksWell T-Style multimedia center is definitely a difference maker when it comes Ford Raptor aftermarket accessories. This unit is designed to replace the factory display screen and climate control center is the F-150. All climate control adjustments can be performed with the touchscreen display.

Better yet, it is ready to accept a wide variety of navigation systems like Google Maps and Waze. You can also download offline maps through the Herewego app.

7. Best Budget Lift/Leveling Kit: ZY Wheel Lift Kit

Lift Kit

Are you looking to raise your Raptor? A simple way to do that is with the ZY Wheel leveling kit which boosts the front end by three inches and lifts the rear up two inches. It should be noted that the front spacers come with an actual thickness of 2 inches. Therefore, the ratio between the lift height and thickness of the kit is not actually 1:1.

The kit is designed to perfectly level the front and rear of the Ford F-150 (2004-2019), providing extra clearance so you can add taller tires for even better off-road performance and ground clearance. This makes the ZY kit one of our favorite raptor truck accessories.

8. Best Interior Accessory Upgrade: Sporthfish Rear Seat Release

Seat Release

Extra storage is always a bonus, but your Ford F-150 Raptor already has some storage space behind the rear seats that often gets unused. This is where the Sporthfish rear seat release comes in.

Basically, you install this simple device and it lets you fold the rear seats down so you can better access that part of your truck for storage. It’s a great spot to keep your jumper cables, tow ropes, and other smaller items that might otherwise get in the way.

Why this wasn’t part of the F-150 from the factory is perplexing, but at least you can install this cool Ford Raptor accessory yourself for very little money.

Smittybilt D-Ring Shackle

D-Ring Shackle

When you install tow straps to your Raptor, you want to be sure that they are tied to a secure connection. Thanks to Ford Raptor accessories like the Smittybilt D-Ring Shackle, you can trust that your tow straps stay secure at all times.

Each of these 7/8″ shackles has an impressive 6.5-ton pull rating, so you can get yourself or a friend out of a jam on the trail. As well, Smittybilt D-ring shackles are made of zinc-coated cast steel or are powder coated black. Smittybilt also makes 1/2″ shackles (2-ton pull rating) and 3/4″ shackles (4.75-ton pull rating), so you can find the right one for your needs.

Armrest Storage


Are you running out of room in your Raptor? Thanks to Dreamseek, you can remedy that issue right away with its Armrest Storage Box.

This tough and durable accessory provides snug placement in your vehicle console area so you can start using your new storage box right away without jostling. Cell phones stay securely in place, as does just about anything else you set in the trays.

When you install this in your Raptor, you get one large tray, two medium trays, a small tray, and four coin slots. On the bottom of each tray is a durable rubber liner that ensures your items stay put as you travel.

The entire unit is made out of long-lasting ABS plastic, so you can count on it taking a beating. Dreamseek ensures a custom fit for your vehicle, so you can invest in this Ford Raptor accessory without any concerns.

It’s built well and provides the extra room you need for a comfortable and hassle-free ride.

When I bought my Raptor, I was told it was the ultimate factory high-performance off-road vehicle available. Why would I need any of these parts?

Two things I’ve always been told in life is never to trust a politician or a car sales person. The sales person didn’t lie to you though…. The Ford Raptor is one of the best off-road vehicles that you can drive off the showroom floor, but like anything there is always room for improvement. Whether it be an improvement in performance, comfort or looks, there is a reason the aftermarket companies get their hands on vehicles before they get released to the public. Your modifications can go from mild to wild, it just depends on how much you want to invest into your Raptor.

Which mods would you start with first?

This is a tricky question because the improvements we like may not be what you’re looking for. Our staff enjoys off-roading all around, but there’s nothing like blitzing through the desert at high speeds, so we’d probably lean towards improving the suspension action first and maybe even throw on some good quality LED light bars or cubes. If you’re happy with the performance from the dealer, you may prefer to add cosmetic improvements like a tonneau cover or different bumpers. Changing out the stock tires and wheels seem to be a great starting point for many people regardless of what you use your Ford Raptor for.

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