The Ford Raptor grille is one of the standout features of Ford’s iconic off-road truck. Whether you’re a Raptor owner or want your newer model F-150 to have a similar look, there are numerous companies that offer their own unique Raptor grille for you to dress up your truck. Our team of automotive experts have found some of the best Ford Raptor grilles to help give your truck that special look. 

As one of the most popular trucks in America, there are endless upgrades for the Ford F-150. Many owners desire to give their F-150 a unique and aggressive look with body accents similar to those of the popular Raptor line of trucks. One of the quickest ways to do this is by swapping out the traditional radiator grille with one styled after the Ford Raptor. Various aftermarket companies have seen and stepped up to the demand of these grilles. You can easily find OE replacements or grilles that have different finishes and designs to replace the grill on your Ford Raptor or F-150.

We’ve done the research for you to find a quality Ford Raptor grille for your truck that not only looks good but are simple to install for the average backyard mechanic.

1. Editor's Choice: IKON Motorsports Matte Black Raptor Grille

IKON best ford raptor grille

When looking for a replacement grille, you want it to be as close to factory as possible to minimize fitment issues. You also want to ensure that it’s made from a quality material so your investment will stand the test of time and road conditions. The IKON Motorsports aftermarket Raptor grille, checks both of those boxes. Available for standard Ford F-150 and Raptor trucks from 2004 – 2017, these replacement grilles are just what you want. The only negative we can come up with is the fact that they do not feature the FORD lettering in the grille, but if you can source the “F” and “R” letters, you can make yours look just like the factory grille.

2. DOOD Ford Raptor Grille

Dood Best Ford Raptor GrilleAs the company’s name implies, this grille comes with the letters “DOOD” on the front, but fortunately, you get the “F” and “R” letters included in this kit to make it read what you want, and the three included amber LED lights give your Ford the complete Raptor look and feel. As with other models from other brands, DOOD uses high-quality ABS plastic in the fabrication of this grille making it durable, resistant to impact and water, and easy to install with all the supplied hardware.

3. Quataro Ford Raptor Grille

FUPENG best ford raptor grille

This aftermarket Ford Raptor grille is extremely similar to the product line from DOOD, right down to the lettering, and with this kit you get the necessary parts to make it read “FORD” like you want. This grille is a durable replacement for the stock grille and comparable to other aftermarket parts in its ability to withstand impact and weather conditions. Unlike some of the others on our list, this grille does not include the amber lights, however you can take the factory lights from a Raptor and quickly install them with a simple wire harness. Meant as a direct replacement for the factory grille, installation should be a snap.

4. LAFORMO Carbon Fiber Raptor Grille

IKON carbon best raptor grille

How do you make something that already looks cool even more cool? You make it out of carbon fiber, or at least do a carbon fiber overlay. That is what LAFORMO has done with this Ford Raptor grille. This has all the same great features as their matte black grille, but the carbon fiber finish makes it stand out above all the rest.

5. Morefulls LED Grille Running Lamps

best raptor grille options

If you’re in the market for Ford Raptor grille lights, Morefulls offers a fantastic set that is affordable and works well. Each light in this 3-piece set is made from durable ABS plastic that houses 2835 LED chips for maximum brightness. The build quality is durable but lightweight, featuring impact-resistance for greater longevity. Another nice feature is the option of amber or smoked lenses. While these lights are a direct replacement for the OEM pieces, they may not directly fit some aftermarket grilles and will require some custom altering to get them to work. Even with having to do some custom work to make them fit, they’re great for the price. 


Does a Ford Raptor grille require an expert to install?

Some aftermarket grilles are simple to install, and some require a fair amount of knowledge to install properly. You might have to do some wiring for lights or even special mounting. This is why you should be looking at the description before you buy and get in over your head.

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