Fab Fours is a South Carolina-based company that was founded by some friends who were making parts for their off-road vehicles. And while the brand is known for making a wide variety of accessories for Jeeps, trucks and SUVs, the brand is perhaps best known for its Fab Fours Grumpers.

We will get into a little more detail about Grumpers a little later on, but the general idea is the folks at Fab Fours wanted next-level protection for the front ends of their Jeeps.

Of course, when owners of other vehicles saw Grumpers showing up on Jeeps, they had to have them as well and now Fab Fours Grumpers can be found trucks destined for off-road trails.

Below are five of the best Fab Fours Grumpers available today for the likes of Jeep, Ford, Ram and Chevy.

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Ford Super Duty Grumper

fab four grumper

The most eye catching of all the Fab Fours Grumpers might just be found on the Ford Super Duty. The extra light fillings on the side of this Grumper make it truly unique, and it blends right in with the Super Duty’s edgy front end design and headlights. Let’s put it this way, Ford’s mantra of “Built Ford Tough” should be renamed “Built Grumper Tough”, or something along those lines… Fully customizable with different colors, this winch-ready Grumper is a very well built piece that takes the place of both the grille and front bumper. Side light pockets are ready to accept your favorite lighting options.

Jeep Wrangler JK Grumper

fab four grumper

With 2 different styles available of the Jeep Wrangler JK Grumper – either full width or a shorty style that exposes the tires and leaves the front of the Jeep with less protection but more articulation – the Fab Fours Grumpers team has brought a very unique product to the custom Jeep market. Pair the Grumper with some menacing halo front LED headlights and you will really give your Jeep a unique look. Both Grumper models can be paired with a winch, and the outset front grille ensures that you have more protection for your Jeep’s radiator and immediate components behind the grille. You can also customize the colors on your Grumper. Mix and match, make it your own!

Jeep Wrangler JL Grumper

fab fours grumpers jl jeep wrangler

Available for the latest Wrangler in the Jeep lineup, the JL Grumper is another work of art from Fab Fours. This JL-specific design builds off of the brand’s JK design with the same edginess and fluid lines. You can put a winch in the Grumper, and you can also get custom colors to accent your Jeep JL. Overall, the Grumper heightens the look and capability over the stock JL bumper setup.

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Chevy HD Grumper

fab four grumper

Giving the Chevy HD a very aggressive front end is something that is lacking with the stock truck, but the Grumper is here to alleviate those issues by providing a very distinct look to the front of this HD model. Fangs on the side encase the bull snout on the top of the Grumper. Though this is one of the coolest looking Fab Fours Grumpers we’ve seen, its about a lot more than looks. This Grumper can be equipped with a heavy-duty WARN winch and several fog lights on the smaller pod openings on the outer edges. Custom colors can be had on the inserts giving buyers the option to custom color-match their vehicles.

Ram 2500-5500 HD Grumper

As with the rest of the Fab Fours Grumpers featured in this list, the Ram HD Grumper is made out of 11-gauge U.S. steel and finished in a 2-stage matte black powder coat. With an edgy look that completely transforms the look of the front of the Ram HD lineup, this Grumper is sure to turn some heads and give you the ultimate in protection while taking your truck on the trails. Large cutouts on the side flank the center section, allowing for multiple lighting options to be included in this Grumper. As usual, a WARN winch can complete the package.

What is a Grumper?

A Grumper can not only help take on auxiliary lighting and a winch, but it also protects the front end of off-road vehicles like nothing else on the market. Basically, it is a grille and a bumper in one.

But a Grumper is now a low-profile piece of kit – it is designed to stand out and get noticed with its angry eye headlight cutouts. And you can customize all Fab Fours Grumpers with color inserts in four places.

All Grumpers are built with 11-gauge steel and are finished with a two-stage matte black powder coat. Weighing in between 70 and 75 pounds (depending on which model you choose), Fab Fours Grumpers will protect your radiator better than pretty much anything besides leaving your vehicle in your garage.

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