Customizing a Jeep is considered a patriotic duty in some off-road circles, and this is doubly true when adding a new set of Jeep Gladiator wheels. Binning the factory hoops – or at least selling them on Craigslist – is one of the first tasks many Jeepheads carry out in the days after bringing their new whip home from the dealership.

Or, if you’re like us, hang on to them as spares. After all, there’s a solid chance it won’t take long for you to find the outer edge of the Gladiator’s limits off-road or for you to run out of driving talent at the worst possible time, popping a tire and leaving you with a wheel that no longer resembles a round shape.

Best to keep the factory wheels, then. Here are a few aftermarket Jeep Gladiator wheels we found online. As always, double check your application to make sure you’re buying the correct parts before spending any cash.

1. Editors Choice: Mickey Thompson Classic III Wheel

best jeep gladiator wheels

The story of Mickey Thompson is the stuff of legends. A hard-nosed and gregarious off-roader, he wrested control of the mighty Baja 1000 race from organizers back in the ’70s, going on to loudly participate in all manner of off-road events using aftermarket parts bearing his own name. These wheels for Jeep Gladiator have a 12mm offset and bear a retro look thanks to the old-school ‘phone dial’ pattern in the black metal. While there are plenty of others who think differently, your author thinks a black wheel looks great against just about any paint color. Mickey would surely agree.

2. Addictive Desert Designs ADD Pro Wheel

best jeep gladiator wheels

Available in a couple of different finishes, including the matte black shown here, this wheel is load rated far beyond what any sane driver would ask of it on their Jeep Gladiator. The seller claims they are independently tested right here in the USA, which is good news given the type of terrain we have around here. The crew at Addictive Desert Designs describe their company as a dominant force in the industry offering premium off-road parts and accessories to speed addled gearheads. Now ADD – an appropriate acronym for most of our readers and writers – has entered the wheel game with this new line of heavy-duty wheels.

3. XD Series by KMC Wheels - Rockstar

best jeep gladiator wheels

If you’re seeking a set of Jeep Gladiator Rubicon wheels, don’t overlook this pattern from the XD line at KMC Wheels. Yes, this brand is nearly as common as the day is long, but this specific option doesn’t have the XD logo on its center cap, choosing instead to place a big star there instead. This partially explains why they’re so popular in Texas. The XD logo does appear elsewhere. This particular wheel highlighted here is finished in annoyingly bright chrome plate, a feature sure to inflame readers who feel such bling is only fit for mall crawlers. However, the wheel is available in a variety of other colors, such as matte black for the flat brim crowd and a painted finish for everyone in between. Note the different spoke patterns, so make sure to shop carefully and get exactly what you want.

4. Moto Metal Gloss Black with Milled Spoke

best jeep gladiator wheels

Treading the line between bling and something that’s a bit easier on the eyes is this wheel from a company called Moto Metal. If your buddies have never heard of them before, they will after you buy these since the name appears no fewer than three times on each wheel. This means the branding will show up a dozen times in total (assuming you buy four of the things). Customer ratings are high, save for one person who reported a bent rim upon delivery. This could be down to an issue during shipping and is a good reminder not to sign for anything until you’ve looked it over for damage.

5.XD Series by KMC Wheels - Heist, XD818

best jeep gladiator wheels

Returning to the XD Series of wheels from KMC once again, we find this pattern called ‘Heist’, a name which certainly continues XD’s tradition of deploying over-the-top and aggressive names to every single one of their products. Rumor has it the washroom at their factory simply has a sign that says SHRED in all caps. Regardless, this wheel has a fake beadlock style around its perimeter, a detail that’ll be quickly called out by your off-road buddies but will look convincing enough for everyone else. This wheel is shown in painted black and is available in several different sizes. As with all XD products, make sure you’ve selected the specific style you want before hitting the ‘buy now’ button.

6. PRO COMP Series 69 Vintage Matte Black

best jeep gladiator wheels

Affordably priced and looking retro cool, this wheel might be the answer for Jeep fans looking to imbue their rig with a bit style not offered from the factory. It has a flat black surface, which looks good against the 8-hole ‘phone dial’ spoke pattern that’d suit the vibes on a new Gladiator Mojave quite well, we think. These particular units are 17-inch wheels on a 9-inch section, so make sure you’ve correctly sized tires on hand to fit. The company says its Pro Comp alloys allow for big brake clearance. This is no small matter since Jeep no longer fits rotors the size of teacups to their vehicles like they used to 20 years ago.

What is the bolt pattern for Jeep Gladiator wheels?

Look for wheels with a bolt pattern of 5x127mm, a measure which translates into the more advertising-friendly 5×5 designation. Some universal wheels purport to fit several different types of bolt patterns but there’s no substitute for a set of rims that have been specifically engineered for a specific application. Call us prudes, but we don’t want to leave anything to chance when it comes to the only things that are technically keeping us on the road (or trail).

What is the hub center bore on Jeep Gladiator wheels?

Gladiator hub rings are measured at 78mm; if you don’t like the metric system, too bad. It is important the center bore of the aftermarket wheel being installed matches the vehicle hub size, since one that’s too small will prevent installation and one that’s too big could be dangerous. However, some aftermarket wheels are machined with a larger bore to fit an array of vehicles and use hubcentric rings to adapt to the car on which they are installed.

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