There are folks that buy trucks, SUVs and even ATVs and UTVs that never really see much dirt beyond an occasional dirt road or casual use around the house. For the rest of us, well, that doesn’t even sound right. These vehicles were made to venture far off the beaten path. That’s where good times are had, friendships bonded, and life truly exists. Going off-road requires essential tools and equipment and while we all wish we had an unlimited budget for these things, that just isn’t reality. But hey, we all look out for each other, right?

Factor Cossatot 1000 XL - USB Rechargeable

Cossatot 1000XL Flashlight

It used to be that to have a powerful flashlight meant having a large, heavy light that still wasn’t that bright, but if nothing else, you could use it as a boat anchor if need be. Times sure have changed. Now you can get this compact light powered by a rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery that powers a CREE XP-G2 LED bulb light. The result is a 6-inch long flashlight that has more power than you’d think possible out of a small package, in a light that can recharge from a cord similar to that of your phone. No one should go anywhere without a light like this and at 41% off, you don’t have to. For less than $50, you get a compact light that will make trail side repairs, or searching for that spare spark plug you swear you packed in the back much easier to locate.

Apex Folding Survival Shovel

survival shovel

It’s better to carry a shovel with you and not need it than to need a shovel and not have it. Because you know that one time you need it, you’re REALLY going to need it. If you’ve ever been in that situation, you know it’s going to go one of two ways, too. Either you’re going to have to call a buddy, who will then mock you publicly, or you’re going to do it in front of your buddy who will then mock you while you ask for his or her shovel, and then mock you publicly. Either way, you’re screwed. This folding, survival shovel would solve some issues for you and keep the mocking to a minimum. It has a folding design with serrated edges on one side for cutting. It compacts down for easy carry in your Jeep, truck or ATV, and right now, it’s only $12.99. That’s 43% off. You can’t mock that.

Apex Vehicle Aluminum Traction Strips

traction Strips

Ever get stuck? If you say no, well, then you aren’t really trying to have much fun. Sooner or later you’re going to get stuck and find yourself wishing for some traction. It stinks when you’re almost out, but you just can’t get that last little bit of traction you need to get clear. Traction strips can make a huge difference. When you get stuck in snow, ice, mud or sand and can’t seem to buy a little grip anywhere, you’ll be glad you bought these aluminum traction strips. Each one is 10.5-inches long, 6.5-inches wide and can interconnect with other plates. They are designed to grip the surface and give your tires something to dig into as well. They’re sold in pairs and can bail out your car, truck, SUV or ATV.

Kill Shot Cooler - 70-Liter


Rotomolded coolers are all the rage and use the same construction techniques used to make kayaks. This type of cooler is very durable and traps more cold inside than standard plastic or foam coolers. This cooler from Kill Shot holds 70 liters and has a heavy-duty built-in drain, two molded-in cup holders and rubber feet to keep the cooler from slipping. The thing that makes this something you should seriously look at is the price. Right now, you can grab one of these coolers for 53% off at just $149.99. It’s a perfect way to haul  a lot of cold beverages and more to your camp site, or along the trail, as well as everything you’d need for a meal or three.

Heavy-Duty Recovery Tow Strap with Loop Ends

Even at the regular price of $21.99, the 30-foot long recovery tow strap is a good deal, but  you can get a little extra off right now. This strap has a 15,000-pound breaking strength and a working load limit of 5,000 pounds. It is a 4-inch wide strap with sealed loop ends and it will stretch and recoil to help pull out your truck, SUV, Jeep or ATV/UTV. No one  should venture off-road in any way without a decent tow strap and make sure it is hefty enough to handle way more weight than you think you’d need. You never know what you might end up needing to pull out.