The right Toyota 4Runner accessories can make this versatile vehicle an off-road killer. In this article, we will look some of the best (at least in our opinion) accessories for the 4Runner.

When it comes to delivering family-ready capability and truck-like toughness, the Toyota 4Runner is one of the most popular vehicles on the scene. With decades of Toyota truck expertise built in, 4Runner combines a solid 4×4 system with a luxurious cabin and commendable off-road performance into a package that’s popular with active families around the globe.

Whether you’ll use your 4Runner as a family hauler, a weekend camping machine, or as a big-capability off-roader, the automotive aftermarket offers countless options for parts and accessories enhance things along the way.

Below, we’ll look at a few popular and unique Toyota 4Runner accessories designed to help dial up the functionality and capability of your 4Runner, and help you get the most out of every drive.

1) Editor's Pick: Husky Liners Floor Liner Set

husky liners floor liners: Toyota 4Runner Accessories

Backed by near-perfect owner reviews and one of the most recognized names in the business, the Husky Liners Floor Liner Set is affordable, custom-fitted, and provides an easy way to protect your 4Runner’s interior while enhancing its looks, resale value, and durability. Maybe the smartest 4Runner accessories you can add to your vehicle, these precisely-measured and waterproof floor liners provide total coverage of your 4Runner’s floor, preventing sand, salt, dirt and moisture from damaging, staining and wearing out its carpeting. Especially ideal for winter use, the Husky Liners Floor Liner Set ensures that salt and slush don’t melt, soak in, and encourage the formation of rust in the 4Runner’s floor pan.

Special cleats help secure the mats in place, and the formed edge traps even large amounts of dirt and liquid. These mats are built in America from high-quality materials, and they can be easily removed and cleaned with a pressure washer or garden hose. With the Husky Liners Floor Liner Set, you’re protecting your 4Runner’s interior and carpeting from anything your family throws its way.

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2) Pep Boys Voyager Roof Top Cargo Carrier

pep boys voyager roof top cargo carrier: Toyota 4Runner Accessories

You should definitely consider adding some storage solutions to your list of 4Runner accessories. The Pep Boys Voyager Roof Top Cargo Carrier is an affordable and simple way to increase your 4Runner’s cargo carrying capacity, protect your valuable gear and equipment, and to increase the room available on board for occupants, pets and other gear and cargo. Shipped fully assembled and ready to install on your 4Runner’s cross-bars, the Pep Boys Voyager Roof Top Cargo Carrier includes all mounting hardware you’ll need for a tidy install, and is built of ABS plastic for long-term durability.

With the Pep Boys Voyager Roof Top Cargo Carrier, the options are nearly limitless: keep your space-hogging camping bedding safe and dry or use it to haul around dirty rescue gear, beach gear, or other items you don’t want dirtying up the cabin. There’s space to spare too—with owners reporting the ability to fit an extra-large duffle bag, 2 medium suitcases, two storage boxes, and more. Most owner reviews are very positive with many indicating that this unit is easy to install and very handy—especially given the price.

3) Trunkcratepro Collapsible Multi-Compartment Organizer

trunkcratepro collapsible portable trunk organizer: Toyota 4Runner Accessories

If you’re after an endlessly handy 4Runner accessory that’ll prove useful every single day, look no further than the Trunkcratepro Collapsible Multi-Compartment Organizer. With rigid edges and numerous separated compartments, this cargo organizer is big on flexibility. A stiff base and sides help this one keep its shape for years, and built-in eyelets and attachment straps let drivers secure this popular and well-reviewed organizer in place, making it a cinch to keep items organized, secure, and upright.

Various colors are available to match your tastes, and the Trunkcratepro Collapsible Multi-Compartment Organizer is fully collapsible—meaning it’s easy to bring with you anywhere, via the included handle straps. With mesh pockets and additional folding storage, there’s a space for everything. Many owners love using this item for grocery day—bringing it from the vehicle to the store to their kitchen and back for easy and organized unloading.

Whether you’re camping, heading out for an off-road adventure or just running out to do some shopping, the Trunkcratepro Collapsible Multi-Compartment Organizer is a tremendously handy addition to your 4Runner. There’s a lifetime warranty for added confidence.

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4) Smittybilt Overlander Tent

smittybilt overlander tent: Toyota 4Runner Accessories

For those of you looking to do some overnight off-road adventures, one of the best 4Runner accessories you can add is a good rooftop tent. The Smittybilt Overlander Tent gives 4Runner owners a unique accommodation for overnight adventures—right on their own roof! Forget sleeping in a tent on the wet, cold ground like a peasant and leave snoopy forest creatures looking elsewhere in the wee hours of the morning: The Smittybilt Overlander Tent mounts to the roof of your 4Runner, sleeps 2 to 3 people, and includes a foam mattress, full mosquito netting, lightweight poles, and built-in interior lighting.

Installation is straightforward, and on-site setup and take-down takes minutes. An XL-sized variant is available. Ditto an attachable Annex room which adds a covered entry-way to the Smittybilt Overlander Tent for extra shelter, storage, or an additional sleeping space for the kids.

Mounting brackets are included, and strongly-positive owner reviews tend to express satisfaction at the combination of size, quality and pricing. Just note that special modifications may be required for mounting in some situations, and that the tent needs to be folded away before you leave the campsite for a drive.

5) Neewer G1 Ultra Action Camera

neewer g1 ultra hd camera: Toyota 4Runner Accessories

Nowadays, most folks use their Smartphone as a camera for virtually everything—though that’s somewhat limiting when it comes to capturing every memorable moment on your current voyage. That’s why the Neewer G1 Ultra Action Camera is on our list of 4Runner accessories: at a hilariously-low price, this tiny action camera packs a huge feature-content punch, with 4K video recording, full waterproofing, a 2-inch built-in screen, wide-angle viewing, and full Wi-Fi linking with your Smartphone for remote control use.

A long-lasting battery and included accessories make this powerful and tiny camera ideal for mounting to your 4Runner, ATV, snowmobile or boat and pressing ‘record’. Continual recording functionality ensures you’ll never miss a moment, and 12 megapixel photos capture finer details at the tap of a button. A built-in time-lapse mode lets you capture an hours-long drive in a minutes-long video to cherish for years to come. Plus, it’s small enough to fit in your pocket, and literally costs forty bucks.

Owner reviews are generally positive, with some advising shoppers to spend the extra money on a higher-quality action camera from a known brand like Olympus, GoPro or Sony.

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6) Nilight Triple-Row Light Bar

nilight led light bar: Toyota 4Runner Accessories

With an appreciable blend of price, performance and style, the Nilight Triple-Row Light Bar is available in several sizes and configurations that allow it to match up easily with any shopper’s tastes or budget. Packing three rows of powerful LED lights and a nest reflector, extreme performance and highly efficient illumination are key considerations. Special provisions in the mounting hardware keep the light stable and level with no need to readjust the mounts, even after a rough-road drive. The weatherproof aluminum body features built-in dissipators for efficient cooling, and the anti-scratch lens further contributes to long and trouble-free life. Numerous installation options are available to suit your tastes, and the added illumination provides added safety during after-dark travels, on the road, and off.

Do your homework and ensure the use of this product doesn’t break any local laws. Shoppers should also be sure to determine where, and how, they’ll mount this light-bar before use. Some customers have reported units that were dead on arrival, or packaged with broken, missing or damaged hardware, so check your package carefully when it arrives.

7) Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

cooper discoverer stt pro all terrain radial tire: Toyota 4Runner Accessories

The stock tires that come on any vehicle don’t exactly shine in off-road situations. If you really want to explore off-road, any 4Runner accessories shopping list should include a set of good off-road tires for added grip, durability, and toughness for maximum peace of mind. Cooper’s top-line all-terrain tire, the Discoverer SST Pro, is just the ticket: with numerous proprietary reinforcement technologies built in, these tires are designed to withstand punctures and bruising as they tackle rocks, dirt, sand, mud, and more. Other design elements are built in to help ensure even wear through the life of the tires, while enhancing handling, steering feel, and cornering predictability.

Uniquely scooped treads help these popular tires ‘shovel’ through loose surfaces and a silica-based tread compound takes the rubber compound high-tech for added grip in wet or slippery conditions. Owner reviews are generally positive, and many report lower-than-expected noise levels, which help keep your 4Runner’s cabin quieter, more of the time.

8) Plus Paws Pet Seat Cover

plush paws pet seat cover: Toyota 4Runner Accessories

If you’ve got one or more four-legged passengers along for the ride, why not add extra protection and safety to your 4Runner’s cabin? Designed to keep pets confined safely to the rear seat while protecting said seat from hair, drool, scratches and other pet-related messes, the Plus Paws Pet Seat Cover is popular, highly-rated, and comes with a waterproof backing to ensure your seats stay dry and clean, even if your canine isn’t.

Built to defend against all forms of pet-related messiness and damage while keeping your pet comfortably confined, the Plus Paws Pet Seat Cover is an affordable way to access a better driving experience for you and your furry loved ones. The waterproof backing helps ensure the cover stays firmly in place, and the Plus Paws Pet Seat Cover can be used like a hammock or like a blanket. Built-in slots allow seatbelts to pass through easily if your rear seat will be shared by humans and doggos simultaneously. Installation is simple, and built-in sun protection and a lifetime warranty mean this will likely be the last pet seat cover you buy.

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