With a crop of electric truck models earning buzz lately, we thought it high time to line them up and compare their specs. Well, at least the ones they’ll tell us about.

If the recent announcement by Ford of the powertrain figures for their PowerBoost F-150 hybrid are any indication, the forthcoming all-electric F-150 will bear some of the highest horsepower and torque numbers ever to be applied to a half-ton pickup.

Not too many particulars are known about the F-150 EV, but makers of other all-electric pickups – Rivian, Bollinger, Hummer – have been a bit more forthcoming. For the first time, we’ve assembled these electron eaters for easy side-by-side comparison.

Rivian R1T Electric Truck

Let’s start with dimensions. Rivian has shown several examples of the R1T pickup at auto shows (well, before the ‘Rona cancelled them all) and we can say the truck certainly looks like a viable replacement for those currently running a contemporary half ton – at least as far as dimensions are concerned. Width is 79.3 inches and length spans 217.1 inches.

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Up to 750 horsepower will be on tap, along with up to 829lb.-ft of torque. Rivian claims a range of 400+ miles and a 0 – 60 sprint in 3 seconds flat. Towing capacity is listed as 11,000 lbs, but surely not with that same acceleration time.

Off-road nuts will enjoy approach / departure / breakover angles of 34.8 / 30.5 / 25.7 degrees respectively and 14.5 inches of ground clearance. A couple of unique party pieces are a front-of-box gear tunnel that, when combined with the frunk, provide 23.5 cubit feet of enclosed cargo space. Roughly 3.5 feet of water fording ability is nothing to sneeze at, either.

Bollinger B2


If you’re in the market for a squared-off electric truck that looks every inch a rugged off-roader, Bollinger has you in mind. Keeping in lockstep with the layout of the previous section for ease of comparison, know that the Bollinger B2 pickup is 77.2 inches wide and 207.5 inches long. It’ll be easy to confirm these measurements with a t-square given the truck’s boxy styling.

Bollinger has promised 614 horsepower and 668lb.-ft of torque when the vehicle finally finds its way into the hands of real world consumers. Range is said to be about 200 miles, though that could change since battery tech has advanced since the truck appeared as a prototype. Accelerating to 60mph will take 4.3 seconds and it can haul a 7500 pound trailer.

As for approach / departure / breakover angles, feel free to tackle obstacles with the B2’s 52 / 28 / 25 degree ratings respectively. Ground clearance is 15 inches even. A neat-o trick to the Bollinger is its ability to open wide from stem to stern, permitting a total pass-thru from headlight to taillight. This will make trips to the lumber yard very easy.

GMC Hummer EV

The covers were recently taken off the GMC Hummer EV and specs for four different trim levels have been announced. The top of the line Hummer EV Edition 1 is slated to arrive in the fall of 2021 and boasts 1000 horsepower, 11,500 ft-lb of torque, and a 0-60 time of approximately three seconds.

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Beyond the raw numbers, the Hummer EV also comes with a CrabWalk feature that allows it to drive diagonally using the truck’s four-wheel steering system. At low speeds, all four wheels can point up to 10 degrees in the same direction. As for stats, all but the base model will feature the following in Terrain mode: ground clearance of 11.9″, approach angle of 44.3 degrees, departure angle of 33.7 degrees, breakover angle of 25.4 degrees, water fording of 28″, and 13 inches of front and rear suspension. Bump up to the available Extract mode and things get even better with 15.9″ of ground clearance, approach angle of 49.7 degrees, departure angle of 38.4 degrees, breakover angle of 32.2 degrees, and water fording of 32″. More details can be found here.

Ford F-150 Electric

The boffins in Dearborn have confirmed there will be an all-electric F-150 hitting the streets and workplaces of America. Assuming a shape similar to the F-150 hybrid introduced this year, which is a safe bet because it’ll likely use broadly similar architecture, the truck will be 79.9 inches wide and 231.7 inches long with a 5.5-ft short box.

It’s also a safe bet that the F-150 EV (or ElectroBoost or whatever they decide to call it) will put up the highest output numbers we’ve ever seen from a factory-built F-150 pickup truck. This means it’ll likely have more than the 450 horsepower available in the 2020 Raptor and exceed the 570 lb-ft of torque belted out by the just-introduced 2021 PowerBoost F-150 hybrid.

Current approach / departure / breakover angles for a PowerBoost SuperCrew 4×4 are 24.3 / 25.3 / 20 degrees with 9.4 inches of ground clearance. There’s room for improvement there once Ford bins all the internal combustion gubbins. Ford has confirmed there will be a massive frunk on this thing, which makes sense given that all the drivetrain components will be packaged neatly elsewhere on the electric truck. Suddenly, the need for a tonneau cover to hide the Costco purchases becomes a lot less pressing.

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck Bed

It’s a good idea to take what you’re about to read with a large grain of salt. Elon Musk himself has suggested on Twitter (where else?) that the final design of Cybertruck might change thanks to requirements of various and sundry federal regulations. As it stands, we know this machine is 82 inches wide but length remains unknown. Perhaps we should ask the valet at Nobu restaurant.

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With Tesla holding its cards close to chest on its first electric truck, no output numbers have been confirmed. However, the recently introduced Model S tri-motor makes a claimed 1100 horsepower, so it’s reasonable to assume a tri-motor Cybertruck will be in the same ballpark. The company is targeting a 0- 60 time in under 3 seconds and a range of over 500 miles.

Approach and departure angles are listed at 35 and 28 degrees, respectively – at least for the time being. Ground clearance is said to be 16 inches for the truck shown on stage during the model’s introduction. A mighty 14,000-pound towing capacity ranks right up there as well.