The right Mahindra Roxor accessories allow you to get the most out of your vehicle. To help you get started, we look at some of the best accessories available.

If you own a Mahindra Roxor, these accessories are worth taking a look. What better way to keep your ride looking and running its best than with some excellent upgrades?

We found some of the most useful Mahindra Roxor accessories for you to consider, ranging from panoramic mirrors to durable winch plates. Let’s dig in.

1. Editor's choice: Panoramic Rear View Mirror

best mahindra roxor accessories

The addition of a rear view mirror that gives you a great opportunity to keep an eye on passengers or other riders behind you, makes it one of the best Mahindra Roxor accessories you can add. Xprite takes it a step farther by adding bright LED lights to illuminate your interior if you’re out wheeling after dark. The Xprite rear view is available in 9, 13, or 17-inch widths and can be easily attached to roll cages varying in diameter from 1.75 to 2-inches making it perfect for the Roxor. To operate the built in light, the Xprite rear view mirror kit comes with a labeled and backlit rocker switch and wiring harness to make installation a cinch. These basic combined features make this mirror one of our favorite Mahindra Roxor accessories you can get.

2. Best Windshield: Full Tilting Windshield (1/4”)

best mahindra roxor accessories

This full tilting windshield is one of the most useful Mahindra Roxor accessories in our guide. It boasts polycarbonate construction for long-lasting durability and strength and it allows you to stay more comfortable even as temperatures drop by keeping the wind off of you. To give you an idea of its strength and reliability, the manufacturer boasts the material used to make this windshield is the very same as that used in aircraft and NASCAR windshields.

As such, you didn’t worry about damage or breakage like you would with a normal tempered glass windshield. Even better, this custom windshield is scratch-resistant – something off-road drivers definitely need. What’s more, for added convenience, the windshield is totally trailerable when you put it in the locked downward position. This serves to provide you with quick and simple full-windshield adjustments upon arriving at your destination. The windshield’s hinge is designed to last a lifetime thanks to its anodized aluminum construction. This material was selected for its long-lasting qualities and reliability.

Installation is straightforward and requires no drilling or cutting. You even get detailed instructions and a reference install video with every purchase. Made in the United States, you’re also getting a 2-year manufacturer warranty with the windshield.

3. Best Winch Mount: Mahindra Roxor Winch Plate

best mahindra roxor accessories

Are you looking for a tough and durable winch plate for your Mahindra Roxor? Then look no further than this Bare Steel Winch Plate.

As long as you have a factory Roxor bumper, you will have no trouble affixing this winch plate to your vehicle. You get all of the necessary hardware for hassle-free installation, and the winch plate itself comes with a wire grommet, too, so you’re getting everything you need right out of the box. All you need are the tools for installation.

This winch plate is made in the United States by On The Rox Fab and is a must have if you plan to outfit your Roxor with a winch.

4. Best Winch: SuperATV 6000-Pound Winch

best mahindra roxor accessories

A winch is one of the smartest Mahindra Roxor accessories you can have, as it can help you get out of a bad spot on the trail – a situation off-roaders are all too familiar with. SuperATV is a brand well known to ATV and UTV enthusiasts and its 6000-pound winch would make a great addition to the Roxor. Dressed in Black Ops, this winch comes with a 50-foot synthetic rope rated to pull 6000 pounds. Other features include a permanent magnet 12V 1.9 HP DC motor, 266:1 gear ratio, automatic brakes to hold the spool on inclines, water-resistant remote receiver, waterproof solenoid, wired dash rocker switch, wireless remote, hawse fairlead, and clevis pin and hook. Mahindra backs up this winch with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects and lifetime of customer support.

5. Curt 2" Hitch Receiver Spare Tire Carrier

best mahindra roxor accessories

It’s never a good idea to leave home without a spare tire on board your off-road vehicle. That’s why you should consider investing in this Rear Spare Tire Carrier. It’s one of the Mahindra Roxor accessories everybody should have. This spare tire carrier from Curt slides into your 2″ hitch receiver and is capable of carrying a wide range of tires sizes.

The construction of the Carrier is heavy-duty and built to last so you can have peace of mind that your spare isn’t going anywhere. Not only is it built to last, but it also features a durable black powder coat finish to ensure that it can stand up to all that mother nature can throw at it for many years of use.

6. XTC Plug & Play Turn Signal System

best mahindra roxor accessories

While the Mahidra Roxor is an off-road only vehicle, some areas do allow off-road vehicles on surface streets if they are outfitted with some key accessories – including a turn signal system.

If you own a Mahindra Roxor and are looking for a suitable turn signal system, look no further than XTC’s Plug & Play kit.

You get everything you need in this one kit, including switches that are laser-etched. The Plug & Play system ensures that you can install this kit quickly and efficiently.

Installation is a dream come true for those who are new to things like this. There are a lot of pieces to this kit, including two sets of six 1.25-inch LED Amber Lights for the front, OEM Brake Light Harness, Laser Etched LED Turn Switch, Emergency Hazard Switch, as well as the Rear Power Out that is needed if you decide to use the optional license plate light.

What is the best size winch for my Roxor?

Figuring out what the best size winch is for your Roxor comes down to a couple of key factors. First on this list is what you plan on using your Mahindra Roxor (and the winch) for. If you like to test the limits of man and machine and figure you might need help getting out of some really tough spots, you should probably look towards the upper limits of winch pull ratings. But if you are looking for a winch to help pull up your fishing boat onto your trailer to some other lighter duty uses, you can get away with a smaller winch.

Another key factor is how much can you afford. For us, a winch is one of of those things where we suggest you get the best you can afford. As a winch might be relied on to save your bacon if you get stuck far away from help, this is not where you want to cut costs. You will never regret having too much power available out of your winch, but you sure as heck might question your decisions if you don’t have enough when you need it.

Ultimately, we’d suggest something in the 10,000-pound pull rating and up if you ever plan on doing some serious off-road exploration or go on some adventures by yourself.

Can My Roxor Be Made Street Legal?

Just like other UTVs making them street legal depends on the highway laws of the state you’re in. For states that do allow highway use, you’re usually required to have a full windshield, DOT approved tires, turnsignal kit and a horn. To be on the safe side, we recommend checking the laws of your local highway patrol.

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