If you’re seeking to increase cargo security, investing in a Jeep Gladiator tonneau cover is a pretty good idea. Tonneau covers fit over a truck’s open bed, creating a trunk-like area that’s away from prying eyes. For some, it also adds a bit of style to the machine, buttoning up the rear space, using the same concept as wearing a fresh suit jacket over a wrinkled dress shirt. The mess is still there, but it’s covered up by a neat and tidy item.

Introduced a couple of model years ago, the Gladiator was the answer to decades of bleating by Jeep fans who once again wanted a pickup truck from the brand. It would be a mistake to consider the Gladiator as simply a Wrangler with a bed attached, since its frame is markedly different and more robust. In fact, a properly equipped Gladiator can tow twice the mass as some Wrangler SUVs.

As for the tonneau cover, there’s an argument to be made that Jeep customers buy more accessories than any other type of vehicle owner. While those holding the keys to a Toyota FJ Cruiser or Ford F-Series truck might have something to say about that statement, it certainly has more than a ring of truth to it. We’ve selected a few Jeep Gladiator bed cover options to set you on your way.

1. Editors Choice - Undercover Ultra Flex Hard Folding Tonneau Cover

Best Jeep Gladiator Tonneau Covers

Kicking things off is this tri-fold cover with a hard surface. The durable aluminum panels on this Ultra Flex come with a matte-black finish which, combined with a flush mount installation, looks dandy. This tonneau comes with carpeted under-paneling for added cargo protection inside the bed, plus an integrated LED bed rail light for added visibility.

Full perimeter seals help prevent water intrusion, though it should be noted that none of these things are technically waterproof. Most critically, this option permits 100% use of bed space, since all three panels can be folded up and out of the way. This is a unique feature, since many hard fold covers leave the panel closest to the truck cab in place, robbing users of their full bed length.

2. Best Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover - oEdRo Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Best Jeep Gladiator Tonneau Covers

Think of this Jeep Gladiator tonneau cover as an exceptionally well crafted and durable tarp. Made from double-layer PVC, the seller claims it has been thoroughly tested for UV protection and superior tensile properties – which mean it won’t fade in the sun or become saggy. Pre-assembled powder coated rails and aluminum clamps are included for trouble-free installation and strong stability.

With the tailgate latch lock system and Velcro strips sealed on both sides, your Gladiator bed can be used like a vehicle trunk since it is secured from snow, rain, UV damage, and dust. No extra tools are required, meaning whatever is needed – like an allen key or small wrench – is included in the package by the seller. Public reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with real world customers praising the tonneau’s build quality and ease of installation.

3. oEdRo Soft Tri-fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

Best Jeep Gladiator Tonneau Covers

No, we’re not repeating ourselves. The same company with an inscrutable and spellcheck vexing name offers two different soft tonneau covers for the Jeep Gladiator. While the other one listed above rolls up like a bed sheet, this one integrates the tri-fold capabilities of a hard fold cover with a soft surface material. In fact, it’s described as the very same double-layer PVC, which makes sense since they’re probably being spit out of the same factory.

Since it is a tri-fold Jeep Gladiator bed cover, there is extra bracing and framework that helps stiffen the tonneau and provide a bit more rigidity. Pre-assembled powder coated rails are included for installation, and all the tools you need are in the kit. The whole thing weighs about 27 pounds, about 5 pounds heavier than the roll-up cover. Thank (or blame) that extra bracing mentioned earlier. A solid 4.7 out of 5-star rating has been aggregated from a handful of customers.

4. ORYX Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover

Best Jeep Gladiator Tonneau Covers

Like the other soft surface roll up unit on our list, this Jeep Gladiator tonneau cover is as simple to move out of the way as rolling up a newspaper (remember them?) when it’s time to access your cargo or load something tall aboard the bed. Made of premium quality 24oz dual-coated vinyl, it should do a good job of keeping out rain, moisture, and the eyes of thieves. According to the seller, this cover is attached to a robust and hard-wearing epoxy-coated aluminum frame.

That choice of metal permits the frame to be lightweight, allowing one to repeatedly attach and remove it with minimal effort. This is the frame on which the cover stays taut, so its performance is just as important as the tonneau itself. It’s billed as more than just a ‘quick fix’ for cargo management, a claim which is tough to deny. Feedback is largely positive, with a few customers complaining of bent parts on arrival. Others had no such issue.

5. TruXedo Lo Pro Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover

Best Jeep Gladiator Tonneau Covers

This brand is one of the more well-known players in the accessory industry, offering tonneau covers for a wide range of pickup trucks. This one is designed specifically for the Jeep Gladiator, which is refreshing in an age of one-size-fits-most products. The tear-resistant, leather grain fabric cover sits on top of aluminum bows, ensuring your cargo is safe and secure. Lo Pro automatically stays tight to the bed, keeping water out and handling heavy snow load effortlessly. The latter will be of interest to anyone in the Rust Belt.

Sitting about 3/4-inch above the truck bed, Lo Pro is sleek and concealed. This roll-up truck bed cover mounts inside the rails of the truck bed, providing full access to stake pocket holes for use with additional accessories. This is a bigger consideration than one might think, since losing those pockets can rob truck owners of a useful feature. Installation is said to take less than 30 minutes, though our experience proves it’s always a good idea to double the installation time estimates provided by a manufacturer. Perhaps we’re just all thumbs.

Is a roll up Jeep Gladiator tonneau cover better than a folding one?

Depends on the plans you have for the Gladiator. If you’re frequently loading dirt bikes and such into the bed (read: items that consume the entirely of its area), a roll-up tonneau might be just the ticket. Why? Most of those covers can be taken completely out of the way without too much hassle. A hard folding cover looks sharp but generally take up space at the head of the bed. With only 5 feet of length with which to start, a Gladiator needs all the space it can get for items like powersport toys.

How do you install a bed cover on a Jeep Gladiator?

Outside of the pithy advice to read the instructions and follow them carefully, soft tonneau covers generally require the installation of a track system, one which may not play well with the bed rail design on a Gladiator. Some hard surface tonneaus are simply lined up and plopped on the bed, secured in place with robust clamps that aren’t visible from the outside.

Any other tips or tricks?

Make sure everything is lined up properly or you may wind up with a cover resting at weird angles. Securing it to spec is also important; without such measures you’re likely to lose it at highway speeds and become an unwitting star of the next viral YouTube video. Read the installation manual and you’ll be fine.

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