Basic equipment though they may be, there are numerous reasons why you might find yourself shopping for new Jeep floor mats. Maybe the factory all-weather mats in your Jeep simply aren’t doing the job like you’d expect, allowing filthy water and slush to stain your factory carpeting, or maybe the Jeep you bought didn’t come with all-weather floor mats at all. Perhaps you’re just looking for a quick and easy interior upgrade to spruce things up, or your mats are starting to show signs of wear after so many seasons of abuse.

Whatever the reason, there are numerous affordable, top-quality options when it comes to replacement Jeep floor mats, and here in this list, we’ve rounded up 7 of the best. We won’t waste your time going over carpeted floor mat options; this is, and you drive a Jeep. If you’re looking for soft, cushy floor mats fit for a suburban mall-crawler, you’ve come to the wrong place. Instead, we’ll stick to durable, rugged, hard-working floor mats and floor liners that can take a licking and keep on ticking, while providing the utmost protection for your Jeep’s carpeting.

Here in no particular order are the best Jeep floor mats on the market today:

Mopar All-Weather Floor Mats for JL Wrangler

Mopar Jeep Wrangler Floor Mats

When it comes to Jeep Wrangler floor mats, or any other accessory, you can’t really go wrong with Genuine Mopar parts and accessories. They’re designed and manufactured to Fiat Chrysler’s exacting standards, for a perfect fit and unimpeachable quality, every time. As stylish as they are affordable, what with their “topographic map” grip texture and bold red Jeep logos, these are the very floor mats that probably came with your JL Wrangler from the factory – although not if you opted for one of the more pedestrian trims. They install easily, they clip into place so they don’t go sliding around, and they’re deep enough to keep mud, sand, and slush from ruining your factory carpeting. There’s absolutely nothing not to like.

Rugged Ridge All-Terrain Floor Liner Kit for JL Wrangler

Rugged Ridge Jeep Floor Mats

Looking to upgrade from the factory Jeep Wrangler floor mats in your JL? Try these Rugged Ridge mats on for size. Reasonably priced and made from OE-quality thermoplastic, these floor mats are deeply contoured to collect even more mud, sand, and slush, keeping it off of your factory carpeting, and they feature one of the deepest, most grippy tread designs in the industry. You might think tread only matters when it comes to tires, but when your boots are caked in mud from a hard day on the trails, you’ll be glad to have the extra protection against foot slippage. These Jeep floor mats are available for two-door and four-door Unlimited models alike, with an available cargo liner to match.

JK Rough Country Floor Liners for JK Wrangler

Rough Country Jeep Floor Mats

When it comes to protecting the carpeting in your JK Wrangler, it’s hard to beat these Rough Country floor mats. They’re deep – really deep – so they can collect more junk and keep it away from your carpeting. Made from a low-density, high temperature-resistant polyethylene that cleans easily and provides excellent all-weather protection, these Jeep Wrangler floor mats are backed by a lifetime replacement warranty that provides you with some extra peace-of-mind.

Husky Liners Weatherbeater Floor Liners for Jeep Grand Cherokee

Husky Liners

It’s not just Jeep Wrangler owners that benefit from excellent aftermarket carpet protection; if you’ve got a late-model Grand Cherokee, these all-weather floor liners from Husky Liners are the perfect accessory. Use them to give your factory carpeted Jeep Grand Cherokee floor mats a break – and to spare them from another winter of being saturated in snow and slush. These floor mats are made in the USA, and contoured exactly to your Grand Cherokee’s floor pan using Husky’s precise “FormFit Design” process. Translation: they fit like a glove. “StayPut” cleats grip the factory carpeting to keep the mats from sliding around from regular use, which isn’t just annoying; it can be downright dangerous. Best of all, Husky stands behind its products with a no-hassle lifetime guarantee.

WeatherTech Custom Fit Front Floor Liner for Jeep Liberty

WeatherTech Jeep Liberty Floor Mats

Looking for the best set of Jeep Liberty floor mats you can get your hands on? Look no further than these custom-fit floor liners from WeatherTech. Designed to conform perfectly to the Liberty’s floor plan after exhaustive laser-measuring of the factory interior, and made from a durable, patented high-density tri-extruded material that’s as strong as it is grippy, these WeatherTech Jeep floor mats are channeled to carry fluids to a deep reservoir where they won’t mess up your carpeting. The reservoir helps minimize fluid sloshing while driving, providing the utmost protection from staining. Wear-resistant, high temp-resistant, and attractive, these Jeep Liberty floor mats can’t be beat.

TJ Bestop Floor Mats

Bestop Jeep Wrangler Floor Mats

Worried about finding a good set of Jeep Wrangler floor mats for your old TJ? You shouldn’t be. Bestop is a recognized, reputable brand in the off-roading community, and these all-weather floor mats demonstrate exactly the sort of thoughtful design and top-shelf quality the company is known for. They’re molded from an advanced thermoplastic elastomer material that stands up to extreme conditions and lasts, with deep, rugged-looking 5/16” treads to help prevent slippage – perfect for when your boots are covered after a long day of trudging through the mud. On the underside, multiple nibs grab the carpet and don’t let go, helping these Jeep floor mats to stay put with regular use. Best of all, they excel in the arena that matters most: keeping sand, mud, slush, and fluids, with a raised lip that can store 40% more fluid than competing mats.

Plasticolor WeatherPro Jeep Floor Mats - Universal

Plasticolor Jeep Floor Mats

The super-budget-friendly option on the list, these Plasticolor WeatherPro Jeep floor mats are the ones to buy if you just want basic all-weather protection in an attractive, high-value package. They’re not custom-molded to fit your Jeep’s particular floor pan like the other options on this list, but that means that they’re able to deliver exceptional versatility; real-life owners laud the floor mats’ fit and performance in the Jeep Patriot, Cherokee, Renegade, and TJ, JK, and JL Wranglers, although Jeep Compass owners should probably steer clear. They’re durable, they cling to your Jeep’s carpeting to avoid sliding around, and they feature a reservoir to capture all the mud, slush, and water you’re liable to encounter in the course of regular winter use. And with a proud Jeep logo and attractive, detailed tread, they look good enough to be original equipment.

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