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Sep. 26, 2008 By Ricky Sosebee
Subject: grizzly 660 running hot
Hey I have a 2004 grizzly 660  It runs about 20 to 30 minutes then gets too hot to run.  The radiator is clean. Does the machine have a water pump?

Mark Wiggins,
TR for THE world famous Benco Dental

Hi Mark,

The 2004 Grizzly 660 does indeed have a water pump. This pump has a bearing inside and several seals to make it watertight. If it were me though, I would check the fan first. Is the fan on the radiator coming on? If not check the fuses to see if maybe that’s the problem. If your fuses prove to be good then look at the fan/water temp sensor for trouble. Flushing your radiator each riding season is a good idea and checking it each ride is even better. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.


From: J. R. Demers
Subject: 2001 Polaris trailblazer starting
Hello, I have a 2001 Polaris trailblazer and when I try to start it all I hear is a clicking noise coming from the solenoid by the battery, but it will start when I pull start it. Could it be the solenoid has Gone bad.   

Thanks  J.R.

Hi J.R.

Sounds like your battery may be a bit dead. Put the battery on a trickle charger, emits 2 amp’s or less for charging, and let it sit for a couple days. If after you reinstall the battery you are still getting the clicking then you should get yourself a new battery. Be aware that the battery could show 12 volts or close to a full charge and still have a dead cell that would prevent it from starting your quad. Start there and let us know how you make out.   


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From: blackout2
Comment: I have a 2004 yfz450 my bike will start up without a problem.I pull the clutch in then shift into gear. But when you go to accelerate it wont move. While its still on and in gear i can let go of the clutch and it wont stall it will just keep running, its like it wont engage into gear at first i had thought that it was a clutch problem but the more I think about it it sounds like a transmission. But I just need a direction to go in or if you know what the problem is???

Wow, Sounds like you have a problem for sure. If I were to guess I would have to start with the clutch. That’s going to be the easiest and least expensive. So lets try some things first though. Start with the engine off, press down on the gear shifter and rock the quad back and forth. This should put the atv in gear. If this is successful then the tranny is checked off. Move to the clutch and I think you’ll find slippage like you have never known. Write back with your findings.


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From: Rosie
City: Lewistown, MT
Comment: I have a 1988 Honda fourtrax 300, I cleaned the carb, gas tank, and air cleaner. Then finally after getting it running and idling good, i took it out for a test ride. I got about 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile and it sputtered and died. I still get a good crank, but no spark at the plug. I changed the plug and still no spark. Could a bad ignition coil lead to stalling after running for at least ten minutes. Just a little history, the quad has been sitting for about three years in a garage, no one has touched it until now. If you have any advise on trouble shooting It would really be helpful. Thank you!

Hi Rosie,

Seems like you have started off on the right foot by cleaning everything out. But I wonder if you checked any vent lines to be sure they were clear? Also would have been the least bit possible that the gas can you used had just a hint of water in it without you suspecting it? I would find the drain screw on the carburator and let he fuel run through for a few seconds when the quad is cold. Be sure to place a drain pan under the quad so you do not get the fuel on the ground or on yourself. Try these two tricks and get back with me.


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From: Peanut
City: Maryville, TN
Comment: Need some info on a 2004 Yamaha YFM660FP Grizzly

Wow, I guess you do need info on your Yamaha but it seems its going to be impossible for me to answer this one as I am not into reading minds. Come on Peanut get out of your shell and write back with a genuine question!


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From: dan
City: Twillingate, ZZ
Country: CANADA
Comment: my 1997 fourtrax 300 4x4 has recently developed hard-hitting gear shifting that is loud and rough with shifting between the highest gears with these being the noisiest and roughest. Mileage is relatively high. What is happening?

Hi Dan,

It seems you could be having trouble with your clutch system. If the Honda 300 has never had a complete clutch service then this could be the culprit. Usually the clutch with start to fade and slip but I have noticed at higher RPMS that the shifting will become more difficult and very noisey. Try adjusting the clutch by turning the adjuster out of the lever on the bars. This is merely an experiment but it may prove that the clutch either needs adjusting or possibly replaced. Check back with us and let us know how it comes out.


Article Title: Hot News: 2009 Yamaha YFZ 450R Unveiled

From: Sam
City: pontefract, ZZ
Comment: What is the price range for the Yamaha YFZ450R 2009 fuel injection, also if possible give me the cost of getting it road legal and price for that please.

Hi Sam,

The 2009 YFZ450 is priced MSRP at $7299. The price to make this quad street legal isn’t clear for the United kingdom. I would suggest contacting the local DMV there to get the requiremenrts for making your Yamaha YFZ ready for the street.


From: james
Subject: Off-Road Forums & Discussion Groups Contact Us

Does anyone make a disc brake conversion kit for a 2001 Yamaha 125 grizzly?

Hi James,

I haven’t been able to locate a drum to disc conversion for your quad. Is there a rteason why you would want to invest liquid funds into a braking system that works fine as it is? Just curious.


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From: Winston
City: Greenville, SC
Comment: I've purchased a Yamaha big bear 350 and i can't find the vin. I've looked on the frame around the footrest on both sides and under the seat around the gas tank but no luck. I found a number on the engine #4wu-087862. But nothing i see tells me what year model it is. can you tell what year it is by the number on the engine?

Winston, I find that some of the Yamaha VIN’s are located on the forward frame rail under the left side wheel well. Follow the frame rail up until it almost disappears under the plastic. There should be an engraved etched vin there or a sticker revealing the true identity of the quad. If you search the entire quad top to bottom and do not find an etching or sticker ask yourself these questions. Did I get a certificte of origin from the seller? Did the seller bail off the quad and run? Should I try contacting the seller to get the proper paper work so I don’t go to the jailhouse for receiving stolen property? These are all important items to consider.

Good Luck in your search.

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