Hot News: 2009 Yamaha YFZ 450R Unveiled

Yamaha's All New 2009 YFZ 450R

Sep. 08, 2008 By Dean Waters

Yamaha's All New 2009 YFZ 450R

2009 Yamaha YFZ 450R

I am sitting in Las Vegas, NV at the 2008 Yamaha dealer show after just seeing the brand new 2009 Yamaha YFZ 450R. I am very excited about this brand new YFZ from Yamaha. Yamaha started the current 4 stroke 450 racing scene with the 2004 Yamaha YFZ 450 and ATV Racing has evolved and changed at an incredible pace over the last 4 years. We have saw refinement and innovation in ATV Racing that we could have only dreamed about 4 years ago. For 2009 Yamaha has stepped up to the plate with the all new YFZ 450R. This is not just a refined 2008 YFZ 450 but an all new 50" wide race bike built from their experiences. Now for some details.

New Fuel Injected 450 Engine

New 450 Engine
New fuel injected 450 engine

At the heart of every race bike is the power plant and you won't be disappointed with the new 450R. This is a brand new bottom end with the cylinder and head off the 2008 YFZ450. The bottom line is that this is a beefed up bottom end to handle the extreme abuse that is put on an ATV racing engine. The crankshaft is larger, the engine is 100% balanced,, and the oil tank is completely enclosed. This will give the racer an engine that will hold up to the abuse and extreme performance requirements that a racer demands. The enclosed oil reservoir will make for easier maintenance and quicker engine changes.

Feeding fuel and air into this engine is a 42 mm Mikuni throttle body with Idle Speed Control. Everything is designed to give you smoother power with more bottom end and the same incredible top end power the YFZ has been famous for.

And to make the package even better you can order a complete new GYTR top end that includes new cams and CNC ported head. Then add the available GYTR high compression piston, 99db GYTR pipe and filter kit, Power Commander with tuned maps, and your ready to go racing.

All New Chassis and Suspension

New hybrid frame
All new hybrid aluminum - steel frame for the YFZ 450R

Long Travel Front Suspension
Long Travel Front Suspension direct from Yamaha

Surrounding that power plant is an all new hybrid aluminum chassis with steel frame member under the engine. The frame is 15% lighter than a comparable all steel chassis. The frame is designed to provide better geometry with a complete long travel suspension direct from the factory. the lower steel member allows the engine to sit low for better center of gravity. The frame is narrower in the front to allow for longer a-arms with more travel. The front end rake has been increased to 11 degrees and the shock mounting points allow for a much longer shock. The front shocks are brand new Kashima coated 46 mm KYB's with the full adjustability that you would find on any high end race shock. I believe this is the largest body shock we have ever seen on an ATV from the factory. In the rear a new longer swing arm is used with improved geometry, more travel, and a longer KYB shock.

The new hybrid frame is basically made up of 5 pieces. The lower rail which is steel, a front cast aluminum piece, a rear cast aluminum piece, then two side rails and a rear sub frame. All frame pieces bolt together. There is no welded aluminum pieces as that would reduce strength of the frame.

Rider Comfort

New softer body panels
Check out the new "soft panels" where your knees ride.

Yamaha has put a lot of time and effort making the new YFZ 450R more comfortable for the racer which will mean faster lap times. The 450R is narrow in the front with more room for the rider to move around. the front fenders are moved farther forward to allow knee room for even the largest riders. The new "Suzuki style" seat gives you more padding where you need it when moving around on the ATV and hanging off the side in the corners. The body panels where your knees ride are made of a new softer plastic that will conform better and give your knees a little bit of padding when moving around. The foot pegs are much wider and have a nice kick up. The GYTR nerfs even have adjustable foot pegs that can be lowered for taller riders. The Pro Taper handlebars have a 4 way adjustable mount that allows YOU to position the handlebars where it best fits your riding style. And last but no least is a new thumb throttle with easier pull.

New Blue/white/black YFZ 450R



Engine Type

Bore x Stroke

Compression Ratio

Fuel Delivery


Starting System


Drive Train






L x W x H
Seat Height
Ground Clearance
Fuel Capacity
*Curb Weight



449cc, liquid-cooled w/fan, 4-stroke; DOHC
titanium 5-valve

95mm x 63.4mm


Yamaha Fuel Injection (YFI) , 42mm

TCI (Digital)


5-speed manual clutch

2WD; sealed O-ring chain, eccentric

Independent double wishbone, w/ Kashima
coated piggy back shocks, High/Low speed compression, rebound and threaded preload
adjustment, 9.8-in travel

Cast aluminum swingarm w/ piggyback High/Low speed compression, rebound and
threaded preload adjustment, 11.0-in travel

Dual ventilated hydraulic disc, twin piston

Wave-style ventilated hydraulic disc,
twin piston

AT21x7-10 Radial
AT20x10-9 Radial

70.7 x 48.8 x 41.9 in
31.9 in
50.0 in
4.5 in
2.6 gal
405 lb
Dual 30W Krypton Multi-reflector
Headlights and 3.9/0.5W LED Brake light

Team Yamaha Blue/White; Red/White

New YFZ 450R in White


Just when everyone thought Yamaha was not going to have a new race bike for 2009 they surprised us with the all new late release 2009 YFZ 405R. Yamaha was first to market in 2004 so they have had plenty of time to look at the competition and build a new race bike that will be a major force in ATV racing for the next several years. While you are not hearing about lots of new features that have not been introduced on other manufactures models you do see a much more refined ATV. Yamaha has had time to look at and test those models and fix the little idiosyncrasies that are problems on other manufactures models introduced the last couple years.

The new YFZ 450R is supposed to be available at dealers in November. The new YFZ 450R is priced at only $7999. Compare that to the $8999 Can-Am DS 450 X MX or the new KTM 450 SX at $11,499. We think Yamaha will continue to lead the other models in sales figures.


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