SCORE-imperial-valley-250-logo-8-10-15RENO, Nev., USA — Traveling across the country to compete while patiently and determinedly developing one of the top desert racing teams in the world, RPM Racing of Bristol, Tenn., has entered six vehicles, including four in the featured SCORE Trophy Truck division for next month’s internationally-televised Rigid Industries SCORE Imperial Valley 250, presented by the City of El Centro.

Returning to SoCal for the third time in two years, Round 4 of the five-race 2015 SCORE World Desert Championship will be held Sept. 24-27 just west of El Centro, Calif. and approximately 100 miles east of San Diego.

The top pro motorcycle teams joined the Trophy Truck and car teams in Ensenada today for the traditional press conference prior to the start of every Tecate Score Baja 1000. The only difference is that, this time, after finishing their various speeches and interviews, the motorcycle guys had to switch into full race mode for tonight’s scheduled 11 p.m. motorcycle and ATV class start. In light of the race schedule, attendance by the riders was sparse. Here is what they had to say.

FMF/Bonanza Plumbing KTM team manager Antti Kalonen (left) and Kurt Caselli (right).

FMF/Bonanza Plumbing KTM team manager Antti Kalonen (left) and Kurt Caselli (right).

FMF/Bonanza Plumbing KTM

Antti Kalonen, Team Manager: “I have Kurt Caselli with me today. Unfortunately the rest of the riders are on the course, getting ready for tonight’s start. We have Kurt starting today for the first part of the night section, and then Kendall Norman will get on in San Felipe for the rest of the night section. Then Mike Brown is going to get on the bike, and we’re going to have a couple more riders along the way, taking the shorter sections toward the end. It is a long race, and we have been working very hard for this one. Preparation has been going well. We learn, every race, something new. I’m excited, and I want to thank Roger (Norman) for making some necessary changes to the rules and the course and making the sport better and the racing better. I am looking forward to this one, and we hopefully we can cross the finish line on the top spot.”

Here are the official results for the Pro Motorcycle and Pro ATV qualifying for the 2013 SCORE Baja 1000. There were 32 motorcycle teams that qualified yesterday just outside of Ojos Negros, Baja California, Mexico. Only four ATVs opted to qualify for this year’s race.

Kurt Caselli bested the Pro Motorcycle field in qualifying yesterday. Photo: Scott Rousseau

Kurt Caselli bested the Pro Motorcycle field in qualifying yesterday. Photo: Scott Rousseau

1. Kurt Caselli-KTM, Class 22, 5 minutes, 41.690 seconds
2. Colton Udall-Hon, Class 22, 5:43.245
3. David Pearson-Kaw, Class 22, 5:55.237
4. Francesco Arredondo-Hon, Class 30, 6:04.503
5. A.J. Stewart-Hon, Class 30, 6:10.500
6. Brian Garrahan-Kaw, Class 22, 6:18.601
7. Dustin Paloposki-KTM, Class 22, 6:19.606
8. Mike Meyer-Hon, Class 30, 6:32.351
9. Cody Schafer-Kaw, Class 21, 6:32.860
10. Mike Johnson-Hon, Class 30, 6:34.693
11. Adam Neuwirth-Hon, Class 21, 6:41.654
12. Steve Kameda-KTM, Class 20, 6:50.925
13. Mike Prunty-Hon, Class 40, 6:53.050
14. Bobby Belz-Hon, Class 30, 6:53.790
15. Paul Gallagher-KTM, Class 30, 6:53.819
16. Chris Warwick-Unk, Ironman, 6:57.974
17. Giovanni Spinali-Hon, Class 40, 7:02.599
18. Jeff Benrud-Hon, Class 22, 7:06.522
19. Chad Broughton-Hon, Class 20, 7:10.031
20. Cliff Cook-Hon, Class 30, 7:12.435

Javier Robles Jr. earned the fastest time in qualifying yesterday of the four ATVs that qualified. Photo: Josh Burns

Javier Robles Jr. earned the fastest time in qualifying yesterday of the four ATVs that qualified. Photo: Josh Burns

1. Javier Robles Jr.-Hon, Class 25, 6 minutes, 23.295 seconds
2. Adolfo Arellano-Hon, Class 25, 6:33.417
3. Oscar Ruiz-Hon, Class 24, 6:50.811
4. Thomas Wright-Hon, Class 24, 7:00.831

LOS ANGELES—After nearly four decades of leadership in the sport he loves so much and nurtured as a parent would a child, iconic race producer Sal Fish announced today that he has sold his SCORE International desert racing organization that includes the SCORE Desert Racing Series to Roger Norman effective immediately. Fish, the CEO/President of Los Angeles-based SCORE International has set the pace for the sport of desert racing since shortly after it’s forming by the late Mickey Thompson in 1973.

The legendary Fish felt the time was right to pass the torch to the next generation of race producers and says he is very comfortable in turning over the reins of the 39-year old SCORE International to Norman. The sale of SCORE to Norman is final with Fish having no direct involvement with future race promotions of the SCORE organization moving forward. He will however produce the 2012 SCORE Awards Night, honoring the racers of the world’s foremost desert racing series. The SCORE Awards Night will be held Saturday, Jan. 12 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and Spa in Newport Beach, Calif., honoring the Champions of 2012 and ushering in a new and exciting era for SCORE International.

SCORE previously announced that the 2012 Laughlin race would utilize a longer course and expand from the 6 mile course loop that has been used for the past five years to the 12 mile course loop that we last used in 2005.

After a complete review of the Bureau of Land Management and Las Vegas Metro Police event stipulations, SCORE has determined that expanding to the 12 mile course loop will negatively impact the race in the following ways:

1 – No passing zones to prevent new disturbance to existing vegetation.
2 – Mandatory penalty for racers that create new vegetation disturbance.
3 – Severe financial penalties imposed on SCORE for new vegetation disturbance.
4 – Cancellation of the remaining parts of the event if harm occurs to desert tortoise.
5 – Prohibition against watering the expanded course will create severe dust conditions.

1 – Prohibition against crossing the Needles Highway on Friday to prevent a traffic delay inconvenience at the High School means that racers will be unable to practice on the expanded course and the SCORE Trophy Trucks will be unable to qualify on the expanded course.