Off-Road Tire Holiday Gift Guide

Dec. 09, 2015 By Josh Burns

Tires. They are important to every vehicle on the road, but they are especially important to those of us who venture off of the highway. From mild to wild, there are plenty of tire options for the off-road enthusiast to equip on their truck, Jeep or SUV.

Whether you’re buying a set of tires for yourself or a loved one, ask one important question: Where will the vehicle be used most? If you’re outfitting a trail rig, something more aggressive (such as a mud-terrain) will work just fine. On the other hand, if the vehicle will spend the vast majority of its life on the road and only occasionally venture off, an all-terrain is likely a better route – you know, something that’s still capable but that won’t be quite as bumpy on the highway.

Once you’ve pinned down the type of tire to buy, do a little comparison shopping. There are plenty of great national chains out there (Discount Tire, 4 Wheel Parts, or try you local off-road shop - SoCal SuperTrucks is ours), so don’t be afraid to shop around a little for prices - and be mindful that installation could be a way to save on total cost. But before anything else, make sure scour through this Holiday Tire Guide we’ve compiled to see some of the latest and greatest options available.

Cooper STT Pro
Cooper Tire’s newest offering for off-roaders is its Discoverer STT PRO. This tire is rated for mud and snow and is hailed by Cooper as its “most advanced, extreme tire to date.” It features Cooper’s three-ply Armor-Tek3 carcass that the company says provides 50 percent more protection against impact damage compared to standard two-ply tires. Although the aggressive tread pattern is designed for serious grip in soft terrain, the STT PRO’s alternating 3-2 pattern also is constructed to reduce road noise and improve stability and handling. For added grip on the trail, side biters are featured on the shoulder of the sidewalls for additional grip. The new STT Pro is available in 41 sizes and is available in up to a 37-inch tire, with online pricing estimates starting at $130 (LT215/85R16). We have a review of the new tire coming very soon, so be sure to check back with for more on the STT PRO, but in the meantime visit for more info.

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