New Ford F-150 Spotted Testing with Covered Front End

Mar. 29, 2016 By Josh Burns, Photos by KGP Photography

Photographs were recently captured of what appears to be an updated Ford F-150 sporting a covered front end. It looks as though Ford may be testing the first prototypes for the truckís mid-cycle facelift.

In the images, the F-150 test truck features camouflage on the hood, fenders, and front-fascia. Looking a little more closely, it appears this F-150 is sporting a new grille design. Since the headlights are so thickly camouflaged, itís quite possible they are updated as compared to the current F-150 that was first offered as a 2015 model, though itís disguised so well that we can only speculate any possible changes.

Weíve found hard evidence that Ford is definitely testing a diesel-powered F-150 option, and sources have suggested that an updated F-150 would likely coincide with the addition of this diesel engine to the F-150 model-range. Ford hasnít confirmed or denied a new F-150 diesel formally, but sources point toward this F-150 facelift and diesel option hitting showroom floors sometime next year as a 2018 model.

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