First Look? 2019 Ram 1500 Pickup Truck

Oct. 19, 2016 By Josh Burns, Photos by Glenn Paulina/KGP Photography

Images recently surfaced of what looks to be the new 2019 Ram 1500 pickup. Courtesy of camera phone shots taken at a recent dealer meeting, these images show the design and styling of the new Ram truck.

The Ram images shown were on a print-out posted on the wall, entitled “Ram Brand Lit Signatures.” The images provide a shadowy look at the front and rear fascias of an all-new pickup truck design. This Ram presentation for dealers still looks to be in the concept phase, so it’s like that these are still in the future product pipeline, but it does provide at least a direction of the brand’s trucks if they are being shown to dealers.

From the looks of the images, the Ram truck will still feature a crosshair grille.  The overall grille shape looks to be a bit more refined, however, with a more streamlined designed complemented with narrower headlights (that look to incorporated an LED design) compared to the current Ram trucks. The Ram’s big rig hood design still appears present though, so while a streamlined appearance is present the truck still keeps that brawny look and feel. 

The rear of the truck features a more chiseled tailgate design, almost reminiscent of the current F-150 design. The taillights also feature an LED signature on the outer edge, with space for an unlit cutout to likely house the backup lights and turn indicators.

We’ve seen Ram pickups testing what appear to be mules for the next-generation model, we haven’t seen any test trucks sporting any elements of the next-generation design, so it’s possible they are keeping these design cues under wraps for now. Given the context of where this “Ram Brand Lit Signature” poster was photographed, and the fact that it is on the heels of a future-focused Jeep poster shot at the same meeting, it seems likely this is the new face of the Ram brand.

The Ram 1500 DT (the current generation is the DS) has reportedly been pushed back from the 2018 model year to a 2019 model, so we likely still won’t see this truck for another two years. Notes from the dealer meeting reportedly point to a return of the console shifter on some trim models, as consumer clinics have reportedly revealed complaints about the rotary dial shift selector. 

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