7 Interesting Features on the 2017 Land Rover Discovery

Oct. 13, 2016 By Tim Healey

The Land Rover Discovery returns for 2017, and here’s a look at five of the most interesting features on the new model.

You probably don’t think of the Discovery as a towing-friendly rig, but since the Discovery has a reputation for being just as capable off-road as on, it’s clear that the company does.

The new Disco will not only offer a stout 8,201-pound towing capacity, but it will follow in the footsteps of a few other trucks and SUVs and offer a towing-assist system to help drivers get their trailers lined up right.

Terrain Response 2

Off-Road Tech
The modern Disco may have swapped out the boxy design on the first Discovery in favor of a more rounded profile, but the new model still keeps trail capability a priority. For one, we’re happy to see ground clearance for the 2017 model is rated at 11.1-inches. To to actually aid in off-road traction Land Rover relies on its multi-mode Terrain Response 2 system in the new SUV, which will adjust everything from throttle sensitivity to gear change characteristics depending upon the conditions. The All-Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) is another feature that can be programed to a particular crawl speed so the driver can focus steering around and over obstacles without worrying about the throttle or brake pedal.

A new turbocharged V6 diesel engine will be featured on the Discover, which pumps out an impressive 443 lb.-ft. of torque.

Engine Options
The 2017 Discovery will be offered with a 3.0L 340-horsepower supercharged V-6 engine that carries over from the LR4 model. The new model will also be offered with a new 254-horsepower turbocharged diesel V-6, which is rated to offer an impressive 443 lb.-ft. of torque (which will no doubt help in the towing department).

Smart seats

Seats Controlled by Smartphone
Apple iPhone and Android users will be able to configure the interior-seating arrangement – the Discovery seats up to seven – via their phones, thanks to a piece of tech called Intelligent Seat Fold. Imagine being able to fold/slide/arrange seats as needed to accommodate your passengers with your phone instead of struggling to move the seats yourself. Seems pretty handy, no?

In-car Device Support and Connectivity
Most vehicles have USB ports for cell-phone connections and charging. Few have up to nine, though, or six 12-volt outlets. The Discovery will also offer a 3G wireless hotspot for up to eight devices. That means the Discovery will have all your connectivity needs covered.

Literal Door-to-Door Navigation
Sometimes, getting the car to a destination isn’t enough – you have to walk awhile after you park. The 2017 Land Rover Discovery will be able to send directions to a paired smartphone, so that the phone can provide door-to-door directions to help a driver or passenger get the rest of the way on foot.

Land Rover hasn't released images of the Activity Key, but we imagine it'll look much like the Jaguar F-PACE key.

Activity Key
One of the reasons to hit the trail is to participate in outdoor activities once parked. The Activity Key is a waterproof wristband that allows drivers to leave the standard key inside. The wristband disables the standard key and is used to lock and unlock the Discovery, letting the owner roam free without having to worry about where they put their keys.

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