5 Features that Make the 2017 Honda Ridgeline Stand Out

Sep. 15, 2016 By Tim Healey

The 2017 Honda Ridgeline offers up some neat features to set itself apart from the competition, especially since it’s not as strong of a choice for off-roading as its competition. These features should appeal to all potential Ridgeline buyers, from the football tailgater to the surfing weekend warrior to the suburban homeowner who uses the Ridgeline for weekend projects.

In-Bed Storage
Sensing a theme here? The Ridgeline has been designed to give owners plenty of options on how to use its bed. The standard in-bed storage system can be used to keep drinks cool for your tailgate, or to haul items for your next weekend home-improvement project, or hid items from prying eyes. It’s easy accessible and offers 7.3 cubic feet of volume for your storage needs.

Photo Courtesy of Honda

In-Bed Audio
If you’re the tailgating type, you might want to blast your music before the big game or major concert while you pound a few adult beverages and grill up some burgers and brats. The Ridgeline has a truck-bed audio system that will allow you to do just that, meaning that you won’t need to roll down the windows and crank the truck’s standard stereo or have to bring a boombox (does anyone still even use those these days?) along with you to your next concert.

In-Bed Power
The Ridgeline isn’t the only truck to offer in-bed power outlets (in this case, a 115-volt/400-watt outlet), but when paired with the truck-bed audio system, it adds another element to the Ridgeline’s tailgate experience.

Not only can you blast tunes, but you could power other devices that might be part of your tailgate party, such as an electric grill. There are other uses for in-bed power, of course, so whether you use your truck for work or fun, this is a handy feature.

Flip-up Rear Seat
Want to haul stuff without putting it in the bed? Maybe these are items that wouldn’t fit in the in-bed trunk, and you’d rather not expose them to the elements? You can flip the rear seat up easily with the pull of a lever. Honda claims you can put a mountain bike in the rear-seat area without having to remove the wheels, and you can fit golf clubs under the rear seat when it’s in the down position. That makes for a clever interior storage solution.

Dual-Action Tailgate
The Ridgeline’s tailgate can open downward like a traditional tailgate, or swing outward. This makes it easier to load certain items, as swinging the tailgate outward reduces liftover height slightly. This feature gives the Ridgeline extra versatility when it comes to using the truck bed, helping the Ridgeline make the most of its short (64 inch) bed.

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