2017 Ford Raptor - Prototype Looks Nearly Complete!

Jul. 06, 2016 By Josh Burns, Photos by Glenn Paulina, KGP Photography

Ford’s F-150 Raptor was a colossal hit, and the second-generation Raptor is still being prepped and getting the final touches before its hits showroom floors later this year. As these prototypes continue to evolve, we’ve seen more production-spec details, and this newest version looks like the truck is nearly complete!

One of the most notable detail on this newest production-ready test truck is the huge rear graphic panel on the tailgate with the newly designed “FORD” stamping. Although we haven’t seen this design cue on many of the mules spotted testing previously, this new tailgate design was actually one of the first things we saw when the truck was introduced at the Detroit Auto Show.

When Raptor prototypes began appearing on public roads for testing, the “FORD” stamp had not been seen on a single test truck (see here), which led to speculation that it would ultimately not be used on the production models. Prior trucks had small “F-150” and “Raptor” badges on opposite sides of the tailgate, but other than than the design was standard F-series. With the new show-truck-inspired tailgate now seen on the test circuit, it’s clear that the original design will be available in showrooms, at least as an option on the new Raptor.

Along with the tailgate addition, the newest test truck also feature a new rear fender graphic that differs from anything seen on past Raptors—even the original auto show debut truck.

Since we’re in the final testing phase of the all-new Raptor, this most recent truck appears to feature as close to the final design as we’ve seen yet. The second-generation Raptor is now almost here, and we’re finally seeing all of the elements that will be in Ford showrooms in the near future.

SuperCrew 2017 Ford Raptor Testing

Video – 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor First Look

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