Cyclops Gear CGX2 Action Sports Video Camera

Jul. 21, 2016 By Josh Burns, Video Editing by Jay McNally

There are few things our cell phones can’t do. We can play our favorite game, take pictures and video of our friends and family, engage in every form of social media, and of course we can use them to make actual phone calls from time to time. Our cell phones can even document our off-road adventures with photo and video, but they likely won’t hold up to elements should we mount them to our rig – nor would we want to take the chance.

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The big reason the action sports camera market has taken off so much in recent years is because for first time you can quit telling your buddies how cool that last trick was, the beauty of last weekend’s trail, or how gnarly your dirt bike spill was – instead, now you just show them. Cyclops Gear is one of the many action sports camera makers, but they separate themselves from the pack by offering a comprehensive package that’s reasonably priced, and the company has the backing of BRP via an exclusive partnership. Whether you buy it directly from their website or your local BRP dealer, the new Cyclops Gear CGX2 offers just about everything you’d need to capture impressive video right out of the box.

The CGX2 is capable of capturing 4K video, along with 1440p, 1080p or lower resolutions of 720p and 480p. The CGX2 can capture images up to 12 megapizles in size. The camera features Wi-Fi capability so it can be controlled via cell phones or its waterproof remote control to make the starting and stopping of recording painless. The kit also includes a heavy-duty waterproof housing, multiple sticky mounts, a handlebar mount and different attachments to change the angle of the camera. Aside from video, the CGX2 is also capable of capturing images up to 12 megapizles in size in standard shot or photo burst, all of which can be easy to shoot on the fly using the included wristband remote control.

The CGX2 uses MicroSD cards to store the data, and on a full charge (which takes about 3 hours) the CGX2 will have plenty of life to capture up to two hours of video. The camera features a built-in speaker that does a decent job of capturing the sound, though of course it does get slightly muffled if the camera is housed within the waterproof case (no surprise there).

We noticed during testing the CGX2 also provides a useful feature where you can place a date stamp on the video, which is a useful option to have and can be easily switched off should you not want it on the video. Of course there are only a few buttons on the CGX2, so it takes a few minutes to figure out how to navigate the menu with so few buttons, but after a few times it becomes simply to navigate. One of our favorite features is the camera’s 2-inch LCD display screen, which allows you actually see the video you’re about to capture prior to hitting records – no second guessing if the angle is too high or too low.

The kit we tested has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $299.99, which we feel is a fair price for all that’s included in the kit. Of course there are additional accessories available, such as an extra battery, dual-battery charger kit and more. Cyclops Gear also has some other interesting products, such as its video recording sunglasses and goggles. To learn more about the Cyclops Gear product lineup, head over to the company’s website at, or to pick up the new CGX2 just head to your local BRP dealer. Newsletter
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