2010 Dodge Power Wagon: Moab Trail Ride

Putting a Modern 4x4 Legend to the Test

Apr. 06, 2010 By Jaime Hernandez
2010 Dodge Power Wagon
The all-new 2010 Dodge Power Wagon

The Ram Heavy-Duty trucks division invited Off-Road.com to come along for a special run where the 2010 Dodge Power Wagon would hit the trails of Moab, UT.  We didn’t think twice about jumping at the opportunity to get a first-hand look at the new Power Wagon.

The Power Wagon name has a long heritage of being a stout 4x4 truck since the 1940s. In 2010, Dodge launched a new design for their line of Heavy-Duty trucks. The Dodge Power Wagon is built on the 2500 platform, with a focused off-road package. The fully re-designed truck features a much larger crew cab than the previous generation Power Wagon. It also comes fully loaded with a powerful graphics package that makes the Dodge Power Wagon stand out from the pack.

2010 Dodge Power Wagon
Here are some of the added features that make the Dodge Power Wagon so unique:

  • 5.7L Hemi V8
  • 5-speed automatic transmission
  • Front Electronic Locker
  • Rear Electronic Locker w/ Limited Slip Differential
  • Electronic Sway bar disconnect
  • Off-Road skid plates
  • Off-Road Fog lights
  • BFG All-Terrain tires (285/70 R17)
  • Warn 12,000 lbs. Winch
  • Bilstein-tuned suspension
  • Tow capacity: 10,300 lbs. / Payload: 1,940 lbs.

The Power Wagon is not just a dressed-up 2500 Dodge Ram, but rather a purpose-built truck that makes this production 4x4 unstoppable.  You can’t beat a truck that comes with all these off-road features and is still backed by a factory warranty.

2010 Dodge Power Wagon
The 2010 Dodge Power Wagon is the perfect choice for someone looking to carry gear, tools, toys and towing, yet refined enough for a black tie affair.


Dan Mick, a Moab 4x4 Guide, led our group of Power Wagons out on 7-Mile Rim where the Ram Heavy Duty truck tackled rocky roads, slick rock and off-camber obstacles that really showed us how capable these 4x4s really are.

2010 Dodge Power Wagon
2010 Dodge Power Wagon on“Wipe-out” Hill in Moab, UT.

Along the way, we stopped to look at the infamous “Wipe-out Hill.” At first, we thought we were just there to take a look at one the most difficult obstacles on 7-Mile Rim. What we didn’t know was that the guys from the Ram Heavy Duty division were planning on letting us loose on this obstacle with their Power Wagons.

2010 Dodge Power Wagon
2010 Dodge Power Wagon climbing "Wipe-out" Hill.

Some of us were unsure about taking this $45K+ 4x4 on an obstacle that has claimed the lives of many 4x4s. I know it’s a tough job, but somebody had to do it—we manned up and put these wagons to the test.


Here’s some video of the Dodge Power Wagon in Moab, UT

The Dodge Power Wagon impressed all of us. For such a big truck, it delivered control, power and great lines going up and down this massive slickrock hill. We knew the Power Wagon was a capable 4WD, but little did we know that the gear-hauling rig could also take on trails usually only seen by short wheel base 4x4s like the Jeep. 

2010 Dodge Power Wagon

After spending a few hours behind the wheel of the new 2010 Dodge Power Wagon, the thought of not giving it back did cross our mind. We plan on getting an even closer look at the 2010 Dodge Power Wagon and doing a full truck review in the near future. Our Moab Trail Ride was just a taste--stay tuned.

More on the Power Wagon at the Dodge Official Site.

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