Ramcharger Readers Rides part 2

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF
Welcome to the second page of Ramcharger Readers' Rides

Cliff Woods' 1974 Ramcharger

Cliff Woods' 1974 Ramcharger

Got another set of pictures, this time of a 1974 Ramcharger that's being restored by a fellow named Cliff Woods. Here are two more views:

Austrian Ramcharger


Austrian Ramcharger

Here's a set of Ramcharger pictures an Austrian fellow found in classified ads:

Tim's '82 Ramcharger

Tim's '82 Charger

  • 318, edelbrock intake, carter 4bbl

  • 6" suspension lift

  • 35" swampers

  • Detroits front/rear

  • Custom Bumpers

  • 4.56 gearing

  • Warn 12000

If you look close you might notice that the front wheel wells are actually trimmed back 2" at the rear. A friend of mine did them for me and I think they turned out great. Image 2 gives a pretty good idea of how well they turned out.

Bill Maher's Ramcharger

Bill Maher

My ramcharger has 150k and still runs great. I would like to know where I can get some tech. advice on troubleshooting minor problems. I am trying to keep it running myself. It's the best riding and handling truck I have ever owned. Amazing it doesn't have a rattle in it.

 Chris Dalla-Vicenza 's Ramcharger

Chris Dalla-Vicenza

This is my Truck.
It is a 1975 Dodge Ramcharger
Full time 4x4
Stock except the 31" tires
Braden PTO winch ( Need Cable! )
If you can't drive over it, drive through it!

My Homepage

Future plans include a 4" lift 33" tires and Rinoliner inside.

Joey Sparks

Joey Sparks

I am from the north East corner of oklahoma but now live in south east Kansas. I have an 85 dodge ram chager with a 318 with a 2bl carb and an auto transmission. It has 31x10.50x15r tires and a K&N air fliter. I plan on puting in a new 318 in it souped up a little and 31x12.50 and new rims. The Image 4 pic is under hwy166 bridge out of baxter next to spring river which they are going to take down this Jan. 2000.


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