1989 Toyota SR5 Pickup - Readers Rides

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF

Checking in with us this month is none other than Rick Torchia's Fine '89.

Appreciating the original trim and after more than 85,000 miles of wear and tear on his rig, Rick recently repainted the Toy and outfitted it with the orginal sticker package. Additional modifications include a Lund Racer Back, Bug Deflector and Vent Covers. Also installed is a Lebra Tonnuea Cover and Eurolights Tail Lights.

Peering in through the tinted windows, we see a Pioneer CD player, cranking out the tunes through two 6"x9" speakers in the rear and two 4" speakers up front.

In the horsepower category, Rick immediately opted for a modification that was quick, easy, clean and an upgrade in power. He began with a K&N Filter. He backed that up with a dual Flowmaster 40 Exhaust System, which includes stainless steel tips for additional performance and superior sound.

With a keen eye for a flawless truck, Rick maintains that his Toy looks and runs better than new.

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