Up and Away - AMP Research Bed Step Install

Project MegaRam Part 4 - 2007 Dodge Ram Mega Cab

Aug. 01, 2007 By Dean Waters

In part two of Project MegaRam we installed AMP Research Powersteps on our 2007 Dodge Ram 3500 pick-up. Since we liked the Powerstep so much and in continuing with the theme of making our truck "useable", we decided to order a bedstep from AMP Research as well.

Even stock, the Dodge Ram sits significantly higher than the Chevy HD we used to own, so easy access to the Dodge was high priority. We also needed to take into account that next on the project list is a Lorenz Industries Bilstein suspension kit which will raise the front of the truck 2". This lift won't raise the bed much, but the 35" BFG tires we're putting on with it will.


Made of high-strength aluminum alloy, the AMP Research Bedstep is relatively simple, with only three parts.

The AMP step attaches to the linkage with two allen screws. After a trial fit to determine the correct orientation, the bumper bracket bolted to the AMP linkage.

Here are the two bolts on the bumper mount where the step will attach. Remove the two nuts then install the bumper bracket and step.

With only a two bolt installation we were complete in under 15 minutes. Note that our Powersteps in the last install were just that - powered in conjuction with the opening and closing of the doors on that side. The Bed Step is manually operated. You simply pull it down when you need to use it.

This shows the Bedstep in the down position... And this is the step when retracted.

If you spend time on serious off-road trails the bed step will reduce your departure angles just slightly but for the average truck this should not be a problem as the AMP Research Bedstep fits snugly up against the bumper.

With the Bedstep installed you can actually reach inside the bed, something that is not easy without it - or even possible if you're short like me. It's mounting position is just far enough off to the side that you can easily step up into the bed when the tailgate is open. The size is large enough for a "blind" step back down as well, with room for both feet safely and securely.

We think most truck owners would appreciate the AMP Research Bedstep, especially if your truck is lifted. The step comes with a three-year limited warranty and claims to hold up to 300 pounds.

Available now for Chevy Silverado, Ford SuperDuty, and Dodge Ram pickups.

For more info, or to find a Dealer near you:

Amp Research
2552 McGaw Avenue
Irvine, CA 92614 USA
phone 949-221-0023
fax 949-221-0043
toll-free 888-983-2204
[email protected]


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