How To Install AMP Research Power Steps

Project MegaRam Part 2

May. 02, 2007 By Dean Waters

Amp Research Power StepWe begin Project MegaRam with installation of AMP Research Power Steps. The 2007 Dodge Ram sits much higher than the Chevy or GMC trucks right from the factory, which means a higher step and entry point. And that is before larger tires or a suspension lift. The Dodge Ram is the perfect candidate for the AMP Research Power Step. These steps make it easy to get in and out of your Dodge Ram yet they fully retract when the door is closed. This is especially important on any 4x4 or off-road truck. You do not want steps and running boards hanging down where they can get ripped off anytime you take it slightly off the highway. And the longer your wheelbase, the more you need these Power Steps. Traveling over a bump, ridge, or off camber section with a long wheelbase vehicle puts the center of your truck much lower to the obstacle than with a short wheelbase vehicle. Right where the typical step would be....... The AMP Research Power Step is virtually hidden from view and fully protected when it is retracted.


Amp PowerStep Tools Needed for Install
Our new Power Steps just arrived via UPS. The small box is the Bed Step which we will install in a later article. Some of the tools we would need for the install of the Power Steps. Note that you will need a right angle drill or converter and a pop rivet tool

Amp PowerStep Tools Needed for Install
It would be advisable that you wash the under side of your truck before you start the install. It will save a stop to wash the dirt out of your eyes. The Dodge Mega Cab install requires you remove the sill tape from the 3rd and 8th opening from the front.

Amp PowerStep Tools Needed for Install
The motors need unpackaged and bolted to the linkage assembly. Amp Research pays an incredible amount of attention to packaging and detail. The motor bolts even had Lok-tite pre-applied.

Prepare the brackets for installation. There are two of these for each side of the truck. The mounting insert slides through the sill hole then the bolt will pull the insert up tight, holding the bracket flush against the sidewall.

Drill the body through the predrilled holes in the brackets using your right angle drill. Insert two steel pop rivets in each bracket and then tighten the allen set screw at the bottom of the bracket.

The linkages are installed next. Two for each side - one with a motor and one without. The linkages are installed in the mounting plates then the two bolts are tightened up.

This is one of the driver side linkages installed and ready for the step. Our Mega Cab uses an 80" step. The steps have sliding brackets on the underside that bolt to the Power Step linkages.

I centered the steps on the linkages. There is some flexibility to move the step forward or backward as needed. Now for the electrical. The control module mounts under the hood of our Ram and to the wire harness with some tie straps.

After removing the inline fuse, hook the red to the positive battery terminal and the ground to the body ground. The passenger side harness is routed along the firewall to that side. Hint: If you are installing a light kit route that harness at the same time.

Find somewhere to tie strap the power lines up and out of harms way. Make sure to keep them away from heat sources like the exhaust pipe. Attach the wire harness on each side to the Power Step motor.

Now move inside the cab. The plastic cover and steel plate under the steering column need removed to get access. I taped the wires to a steel wire to allow me to pull it through the firewall along another cable.

Referencing the chart in the manual, use the supplied Posi Taps to tap into the wire harness under the dash. Test your steps before re-installing the dash covers. Now we moved to the Power Step light kit which is an optional addition to the Power Step. the light kit requires the new power module.

The small plug in the center is removed so the light kit harness can attach to the control module. Since we had routed the light kit harness at the same time as the power step harness we picked our LED locations and drilled 1/4" holes through the pinch weld.

Insert a grommet in the holes you drilled and route the LED wires through the grommet. Stick it to the rocker panel and then use the Posi-taps to attach to the light kit harness. Finished with light kit. The lights illuminate the steps when any door is opened and stay on until the steps retract or after 5 minutes.

Finished. Opening either front or rear door lowers the Power Step.

The complete installation of the AMP Research Power Step and light kit took us around 6 hrs. The installation instructions say 3 hrs for the steps and 1 hr for the light kit. We are evidently a little challenged. :-) But overall it went very smoothly. The instructions were very good and I was amazed at the attention that AMP Research paid to packaging. Just the packaging showed how much AMP Research cares about the quality of their product.

These steps lower the step-in height of your truck by a whopping 13.5 inches. Your mother, or grandmother will now have no problem getting in your Ram truck. Or say you add a 6" suspension lift then your entry height will still be 7 inches lower than stock. Close the doors and the Power Step is completely out of site. I have this pet peeve about Off-Road trucks running around with steps hanging down where they can catch on any obstacle.

These AMP Research Power Steps are the greatest thing since sliced bread. -:)



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