Reader's Ride - October 2006

Andrew's 1977 Scout SS2

Oct. 01, 2006 By ORC STAFF

Andrew Peschau is the proud owner of this 1977 Scout SS2

Here is a little more about Andrew’s sweet Rig:

  • Well, my SS2 has the stock 304 for now.
  • It has 32" super swampers.
  • Both bumpers were custom made by a friend and I.
  • I did the paint job about 14 years ago.
  • The front seats were upholstered to match the paint colors.
  • The half doors were also custom made.
  • I modified the old original door frames and had skins put on them.
  • The door inserts themselves were a factory option.

Thank you Andrew for sharing this awesome Scout with us.


If any of you have a special Off-Road vehicle you are proud of and want to share it with the rest of us, we’d love to hear from you.

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