Featured Hummer: The Berserker by Angry Iron

This newest Angry Iron product screams function and capability, and has a clean rugged look that speaks for itself

Aug. 01, 2006 By Manny MacMillan

When someone decides to do a build up of a Hummer, there are only on a few directions to go in. There is the aesthetic-focused approach and there is the functional-focused approach. And then, there is the Angry Iron approach. Meet “The Berserker.”

(photographs by Amanda Lindley)

The builder, Shawn Smith, took this ex-marine HMMWV and transformed it into one of the meanest looking custom Hummers on the planet. You may have seen his previous project rig in “ MOAB: Like Nothing Else” by IMV Films. Shawn’s Angry Iron rig was one of the main characters in that off-road adventure, proving to be a very capable rig despite having very inexperienced wheelers clinging to the steering wheel.

This newest Angry Iron product screams function and capability, and has a clean rugged look that speaks for itself. Writing up this rig was harder than I thought it would be, because it is truly tough to translate the monosyllabic grunts and colorful words that came to mind first into family-friendly and intelligent words.

On paper, the stock power plant remains basically untouched, but the truck sports a Detroit automatic locker in the rear, selectable Auburn locker in the front, Atlas II t-case, heavy duty custom skid plates, 42” Iroks on Allied bead-locks and a custom roll cage – hardcore off-road function in all the right places. But this vehicle is truly more than the sum of its parts; even the custom paint job makes you want to get in it and go scale some rocks. Everything, from gussets to interior panels, adds to the overall quality of the vehicle. The end-product is a unique and striking custom rig.

If you have a pile of cash burning a hole in your pocket and a need for a HMMWV that will be trail-worthy and turn heads, by all means call up Angry Iron. For more full details and documentary on the build-up of the Berserker, you can visit the Angry Iron website: http://www.angryiron.com

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